IoT Solutions powered by Smart Cosmos: Creating Unmatched Value for Your Business

Today, the Internet of Things (IoT) comprises billions of connected machines and devices. But what about the remaining trillions of simple everyday things, which are not yet connected? Imagine the additional value that could be created for people, businesses and governments if those items join the digital world!


Great value made easy: SMARTRAC’s Unique IoT Approach

Combining the strengths of our IoT solutions delivery platform Smart Cosmos with our world-leading, extensive RFID transponder expertise allows us to deliver a broad portfolio of solutions that provide unmatched value and return on investment to customers along the entire value chain. And yet "Metrics" and "Experiences", our first two solutions, are just the start when it comes to delivering a “smart cosmos” of business benefits.


Delivering sales lift and gross margin increase: Metrics

Metrics empowers retailers with end-to-end, item-level visibility and real-time analytics, providing complete transparency of in-store business across the retailer’s organization. Learn more about store optimization...


Delivering customer loyalty and engagement: Experiences

Experiences enables brand owners to turn physical products into digital connections, empowering brands to revolutionize customer journeys and product lifecycles. Learn more about smart products…


Delivering future industrial value chains

Market experts predict that the economic impact created by the Industrial Internet (aka “Industry 4.0”) will increase to between US$ 1-4 trillion per year by 2025. SMARTRAC has been and will be contributing to that development: our comprehensive IoT solutions will truly help to enable and drive the fourth industrial revolution.


Delivering counterfeit protection

The World Customs Organization estimates that annual losses due to counterfeiting amount to US$ 500 billion. By better controlling and monitoring the ecosystems of branded goods manufacturing, distribution, sales and service, SMARTRAC enables brand owners to protect brand value and avoid revenue loss.


Delivering beyond today’s imagination

When simple things become connected, the IoT will offer virtually unlimited use cases. Even if some of them may still be unimaginable today, one thing is certain: SMARTRAC’s innovative RFID portfolio and our IoT platform offer a sound basis for the development and deployment of solutions that deliver the value you are looking for.