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Your Products are Your Platform

The digital transformation of your business is crucial. But as long as your operation depends on the production, distribution and sale of physical products, it will take more than a couple of digital apps to get there. In fact, there are serious gaps between the digital, data-driven world on your screens and the physical, product driven world on the ground.


This makes it difficult to uncover hidden inefficiencies between your factory, supply chain and sales channels. And it is why you still won’t see what happens when your customers buy and use your products or are tricked by counterfeits which continue to steal billions of dollars away globally.


Our Solutions
Smart Cosmos is a turnkey solutions platform which enables businesses to digitize their physical products and assets. It provides a choice of building blocks to create secure digital identities for each instance of these in the Cloud, and provides the means to authenticate, track, sense, and engage customers, partners, and employees through the value chain.


For the first time brands can get the highest possible level of visibility and transparency for each individual product and asset from the point of manufacture, throughout the supply chain, across all channels, point of sales and point of use. And they can fundamentally change the way in which customers interact with their products - at the tap of a smartphone.


This is about using the products you sell today to transform your operations. And turning them into engaging platforms for customer experience where it matters most – at the point of sales and point of use.


Smart Cosmos Architecture

Your Benefits

The benefits of product digitization are virtually unlimited. Just think about:

  • Optimizing your manufacturing and supply chain by tracking every single product with item-level granularity and turning demand visibility into allocation efficiency
  • Maintaining inventory accuracy of close to 100%, avoiding stock outs with rapid replenishment, instantly locating misplaced items, and preventing product loss
  • Driving customer engagement and loyalty through broadening and maintaining brand conversation throughout the product lifetime
  • Enhancing brand protection through consumer-based product authentication and grey market detection


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