Smart Cosmos: Unleashing the Internet of your Things

For many people, the Internet of Things is about connected devices like smart thermostats and self-driving cars.


That’s a good start. But we believe it can be a whole lot bigger.


Today, there are trillions of products that still aren’t connected to the Internet – from industrial products like air filters and engine parts to everyday products like shoes and handbags.


Connecting these products is the single biggest opportunity for the businesses that produce them. Because it’s only when you digitize your products that you digitize your business.


Combining our world-leading, innovative RFID products with our IoT enablement platform Smart Cosmos, we’re giving businesses an almost unlimited range of solutions that turn their products into platforms.


Our solutions empower them to:


Engage customers in new ways

Brands that digitize their products have the ability to offer their customers new, innovative, digital experiences that increase customer loyalty and competitive advantage, while minimizing counterfeiting – at the tap of a smartphone.
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Digitize industrial supply chains

With product digitization, enterprises in manufacturing, transportation and healthcare can accelerate their digital transformations and establish their place in the Industrial Internet.


Increase gross margins

Product digitization gives retailers item-level visibility into every single one of their products as they move through their supply chain and stores, with real world analytics that uncover hidden inefficiencies and opportunities.
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And we’re only just getting started. The future is bright for the most ambitious product-driven businesses. And the innovations our solutions enable are just the tip of the iceberg.
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