IoT Solutions for Digital Transformation

Your physical products are the lifeblood of your business. That’s why digitizing them has such a massive impact.

By embedding the right technology into your products, you can digitize your business from the ground up. That means you can unlock all kinds of new data about your factories, your supply chain, your distribution and sales channels, your customers and any eco-system partners that interact with your products.

Our product digitization solutions give you a secure, scalable and proven way to embed intelligence into your products. Then you can use all the data they generate to do some pretty incredible things.



By integrating NFC tags, QR codes or Bluetooth beacons into your products, you get the power to deliver exclusive digital experiences when your customers interact with them using their smartphones. The experience can help you to increase customer loyalty sign-ups and help customers instantly re-order or engage with valuable post-sale content.


Working with our partners at Blue Bite, we help you craft those dynamic experiences based on individual product specs. For instance, you could provide a different experience for men’s sneakers than women’s. Or tailor the content based on the product’s color. Or the country. Or the channel.


Then you can further customize content based on things like the time of day the customer interacts with it, their language settings or even their current location.


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Authentication is one of the most important capabilities in a digital world. Digitized products help you deal with brand protection, counterfeiting and diversion detection, guest authentication, and medical tattoos for patient identification. Our multi-layered technology lets you uniquely and securely identify your products. That means your customers, suppliers and employees can securely authenticate them – at the tap of a smartphone.


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Track and sense

Use RFID tags to see what’s really happening. Attached and embedded tags make it easier to collect data about your products and detect hidden inefficiencies with a new kind of inventory and supply chain data. Embedded moisture and temperature sensors give you new kinds of product insights and smarter inventory management.

Working with our partners at Temera, we can help you to leverage that data from the real world with your digital systems, for better store inventory management, stock insights, smoother retail operations, and more secure supply chains.


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