Smart product solutions for digital transformation

The physical products you sell are the lifeblood of your business. It’s why digitally transforming them has such a massive impact on your whole business.


With embedded sensors and tags, you can turn them into innovative customer experience platforms and gain new kinds of data about your whole supply chain and customers.


Our product digitization solutions give you a secure, scalable and proven way to embed intelligence into your products. So you can use the product data generated by them to do some important things.


Proofs: Prevent counterfeiting and fraud with smarter authentication
NFC intelligence has made it possible to uniquely and securely identify everything. The result is that you can use it to authenticate your products, patients and customers – at the tap of a phone.


Proofs is a solution designed for smarter brand authentication, innovative guest authentication and intelligent patient identification.


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Experiences: Turn your products into customer experience platforms
When you embed NFC tags into your products, you give them the power to deliver exclusive digital experiences when your customers tap on them with their smartphones.


Experiences is a solution designed to help you increase your customer loyalty sign-ups, help them instantly re-order and engage them with valuable post-sale content.


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Metrics: Use RFID tags to see what’s really happening
Attached and embedded tags make it easier to collect data about your products and detect hidden inefficiencies with a new kind of inventory and supply chain data.


Metrics is a solution designed to help you leverage that data from the real world with your digital systems, for better inventory management, stock insights and smoother retail operations.


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