A Perfect Match: Multi-layer Technologies that Enable the Ultimate Brand Protection

When it comes to brand protection, customers now have a choice of multi-layer technologies to effectively fight counterfeiting and grey/diversion market products. Thanks to the acquisition of eApeiron Solutions, SMARTRAC extensively complements its solutions portfolio with undetectable materials, proprietary readers and cloud-based brand protection services.


One common goal, multiple technologies to get there: for SMARTRAC’s CEO Christian Uhl, the recent acquisition is a step that is not only logical but very customer-oriented first and foremost: “eApeiron’s technology portfolio fits perfectly with our existing brand protection solutions. We are now able to meet any customer and market demand and serve any possible use case with our secure, multi-layer technologies, and efficiently support all our customers to combat both counterfeiting and diversion issues. Thus, branded product manufacturers, retailers and consumers alike have an even greater range of possibilities than ever before to easily ensure and confirm a product's authenticity in a highly secure way,” he said.


Successful Deployment in Billions of Products, Across the Globe

eApeiron brings in its comprehensive suite of security layers tailored for retail and industrial applications as well as e-commerce, including a sophisticated tagging system offering a unique signature profile for consumer authentication and identifying and tracking products and product packaging throughout the supply chain. These multi-layer solutions comprise visible, invisible or forensically undetectable materials in combination with proprietary readers and cloud-based brand protection services. eApeiron’s customers are in the pharmaceutical, fashion, beverage and collectables sectors, as well as other industrial markets. Backed by a strong portfolio of former Kodak patents, plus expertise in marker materials, optical recognition and printing, eApeiron’s globally tested secure technologies have been successfully deployed in many billions of product units over the last decade.


Driving a Wave of Innovation for Brand Owners and Consumers

Yet, Charles M. Fernandez, Founder, President and CEO of eApeiron, welcomes the acquisition of his company as a great opportunity for eApeiron’s customers as well: “We are very happy about joining SMARTRAC, as this transaction opens excellent new possibilities for all our customers worldwide. Combining different technologies and areas of expertise with one common goal – offering best-in-class brand protection solutions for all imaginable customer and market requirements – will drive a wave of innovation for brand owners and consumers around the world.”


Brand Protection Solutions for All Imaginable Requirements

eApeiron’s solutions will be fully integrated into SMARTRAC’s existing brand protection portfolio, providing businesses and consumers with Traceless® Brand Protection: