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AIPIA believes that implementation of new technologies in packaging is key to growth, enhance efficiency and security, reduce waste and gain control in sales.
 At AIPIA we don't like to waste our members time, we focus on the commercialization of Active and Intelligent Packaging solutions.
 AIPIA’s mission is to decimate supply chain costs and increase its members turnover by using hi-tech solutions in packaging.

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About AIM-D

AIM-D e.V. is the leading industry association for automatic identification (AutoID), data collection and mobile data. The association promotes the use and standardization of AutoID technologies and procedures. Technologies such as RFID, NFC, barcode, 2D codes, sensors and RTLS (Real-time Locating Systems) are promoted equally. AIM represents over 120 members from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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About GS1 US®

GS1 US® is a not-for-profit information standards organization and has 300,000-plus members. GS1 Standards are the most widely-used supply chain standards in the world. GS1 US collaborates with business and industry to encourage the adoption and use of GS1 Standards-based solutions that can help improve business processes. The standards also help support many regulatory compliance requirements for a number of industries including healthcare and the food industry.

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About IATA

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is the trade association for the world’s airlines, representing some 290 airlines or 82% of total air traffic. IATA supports many areas of aviation activity and help formulate industry policy on critical aviation issues. Smartrac is a strategic partner in the area of RFID technology and memeber of the RFID Sub Working Group.

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About NFC Forum

The Near Field Communication Forum was formed to advance the use of Near Field Communication technology by developing specifications, ensuring interoperability among devices and services, and educating the market about NFC technology. Formed in 2004, the Forum now has 170+ members. Manufacturers, applications developers, financial services institutions, and more all work together to promote the use of NFC technology in consumer electronics, mobile devices, and PCs.

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RAIN RFID is an industry alliance dedicated to promoting the international adoption of UHF RFID. Founding members are Google, Impinj, Intel and Smartrac, along with the leading AIDC industry association, AIM Global. RAIN will promote awareness, education, programs, and initiatives to accelerate the growth and adoption of ISO–IEC 18000-63 / EPC™ Gen2 RFID in business and consumer applications worldwide. The name RAIN, which stands for RAdio-frequency IdentificatioN, symbolizes the synergy between UHF RFID and the cloud as well as the ubiquity of UHF RFID tags and applications.

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