Smartrac Gets ARC Quality Certification

Assurance for Customers: Smartrac Gets ARC Quality Certification

The RFID Lab at Auburn University, highly regarded for its benchmark testing and certification of RFID products, has awarded Smartrac its comprehensive and significant ARC Quality Certification.



Smartrac has received ARC Quality Certification for the design and manufacturing of its RFID inlays and tags. This new industry benchmark complements ISO certification, and examines all aspects of an RFID supplier’s operations, including (but not limited to) specific products and manufacturing processes. This is significant because the Auburn RFID Lab has long been known for its independent and objective testing and certification of RFID inlays and tags, thus giving customers the assurance and confidence of knowing that certified products are fit for purpose and will perform robustly and reliably.


Getting All the RFID Benefits

According to Justin Patton, Director of the Auburn RFID Lab, “Quality is of key importance for everyone who is looking to derive all the potential benefits from RFID tags attached to or embedded within products. We developed the ARC Quality Certification program to benchmark the quality management systems of RFID manufacturers across the entire range of their operations for the benefit of all RFID users worldwide.”


Important Benchmark for Customers

Programs like ARC Quality Certification are very important indicators for customers from Smartrac’s point of view as well. Existing standards like CE or ISO are well-known and recognized quality labels, but there has been a growing demand from the end-user side – be it retailers, consumer brands, automotive companies or aviation customers – for a trusted benchmark program like ARC Quality Certification.


Smartrac: Continuing to Drive Quality Further


According to Smartrac's Chief Revenue Officer Amir Mobayen, the program will support the RFID industry to become better recognized for strict quality levels and should help RFID adoption long-term, regardless of the end use industry. “ARC Quality Certification is a pivotal achievement and motivator for Smartrac, and it reaffirms our role as an industry leader in terms of high-quality and innovative RFID transponders. We are honored to receive this recognition and we firmly believe that the ARC Quality Certification program is a major step forward in terms of helping RFID manufacturers better serve their RFID customers. We will continue to invest in resources and programs to support future ARC initiatives to drive further quality achievements,” he said.


For further information about Smartrac's RFID inlays and tags, please contact our Sales & Customer Service Team.


For more information about ARC and the RFID Lab, please visit the University of Auburn website.