Automated Fare Collection Made Simple

Common payment processes for public transport could be a thing of the past, as SMARTRAC subsidiary Neology leverages Cloud Services and NFC-enabled smartphones to streamline automated fare collection.


NFC and Cloud data are proving to be a perfect combination — not just for the Internet of Things, but also in terms of more efficient and user-friendly Automated Fare Collection (AFC) systems. Neology is driving the development of value-added services for AFC systems that leverage Cloud Services and incorporate user-friendly NFC technology.


NFC and Smartphone App Create Convenience


Neology’s innovative AFC solution can be applied to all components of modern transportation systems, such as buses, rail, ferries, toll roads, parking and other services. Typical AFC systems use a smart card associated with a prepaid debit account. Neology is enhancing traditional payment methods by using an NFC-equipped smartphone running its “UrbanPass” app. The device communicates directly with another innovative system component: the dual-frequency, NFC-enabled UrbanPass RFID transponder or smart card.


By tapping the smartphone against the the transponder with NFC chip, the corresponding UrbanPass application opens automatically on the phone, and reads the relevant information from the NFC chip. The smartphone is linked to an e-wallet or other funding account, and the UrbanPass app can be used to add funds to the RFID transponder’s associated debit account. The user can then pay the amount needed for a fare, or to cross a toll entry point that reads RFID tags on vehicles.


In addition, Neology’s app offers value-added services, including route planning with toll/fare calculations, and transaction history. Each transportation system operator or government agency gets an individually customized and branded version of both the transponder and the smartphone app.




Operators Benefit as Well

NFC-enabled payments to an RFID transponder’s debit account are not only convenient for the user, but also for the operators, by reducing cash transactions, streamlining billing and attracting new customers. With a smartphone application and a dual-frequency UrbanPass, the Neology solution combines the elements of an AFC system with an electronic toll collection system.


Clearing-house Enables Interoperability

Even more benefits arise from the fact that Neology’s virtual AFC platform uses Software as a Service (SaaS), Cloud-based e-wallets and pre-paid toll accounts to synchronize all payment and account data between the Cloud and the e-wallet. This platform ultimately creates an enhanced clearing-house that enables operators and agencies to interoperate smoothly and transparently. In some metropolitan areas, several toll companies coexist, which can inconvenience customers forced to cope with multiple tags and accounts. As soon as Neology’s clearing-house is in place, users may roam between different tolling systems with just one tag and one account, similar to the way they use their mobile phones on different networks. All payment and account data are automatically synchronized via Neology’s Cloud-based software solution.


About Neology


NEOLOGY, headquartered in San Diego, California, is a fully owned subsidiary of SMARTRAC TECHNOLOGY GROUP. NEOLOGY is an RFID technology leader that supplies private industry and governments with advanced end-to-end Automatic Vehicle Identification Systems (AVIS) solutions. Electronic Vehicle Registration (EVR), Electronic Toll Collection (ETC), Border Control, Parking and Access Control, and Fuel Monitoring and Control are among the AVIS applications provided by Neology to increase efficiency, automate enforcement, and streamline vehicle security.

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