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Electronics and Gaming

How NFC Keeps Children Engaged with Books

Could NFC replace CDs as a way of encouraging children’s engagement with books? Read how an innovative Finnish publishing house is using NFC to take kids to the next level of entertainment.

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The Fanciest and Smartest Phone Case Ever Built

Google products are always likely to cause some hype – as will the “Edition Line” series of hard cases for Google’s Nexus 6 flagship phone and selected other models. With NFC technology provided by SMARTRAC and Cellotape, unique functionalities and “stellar” artwork, there are some good reasons for that hype.

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Bringing NFC Benefits to General Public

By the end of 2014 close to 700 Mio NFC phones will be the installed base. SMARTRAC partnered with leading chip maker NXP Semiconductors, converter partner Winckel in the new founded Smart Media Alliance and German computer magazine CHIP to launch a campaign to bring NFC even closer to the consumer.
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NFC Enables Automatic Pairing With Bluetooth

Fujifilm UK launches an NFC-based solution to pair mobile phones during Bluetooth connection at its SmartPix photo kiosks
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NFC Tags Used as 'Short cuts' to Download Mobile APP

NFC smart posters are providing smartphone users with a digital programme book for WDC Helsinki 2012, featuring real-time event updates and news.

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RFID Gives The Pharmaceutical Industry A Dose Of Good Medicine

Argentinean pharmaceutical supplier tries a new prescription for supply chain health

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RFID Provides A Leap-Ahead Advantage

RFID solution is helping DePuy Orthopaedics to streamline inventory processing.

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Curing A Logistical Headache

Edward Lifesciences is using RFID to drive down costs, reduce out-of-stocks and increase patient safety.

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SMARTRAC Signs Strategic Partnership with Hanmi IT

Hanmi IT is a subsidiary of Hanmi Pharmaceutical group, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Korea, and has been using RFID since 2010. SMARTRAC and Hanmi IT have now teamed up to jointly develop and market RFID tags and inlays for pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

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Item-level RFID tagging helps Korean clothing company The Basic House read both the present and future of its market-leading brands.

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Mexican exclusive retailer Common People makes shopping and sales into modern luxury with RFID technology.

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Supply chain and asset management