Blog from: 01 June 2015

Creating Magic for the Next Big Thing

Author: Mikko Nikkanen, Senior Director, Segment Industry, Electronics and Gaming at SMARTRAC


Seeing is believing: On Tuesday, 26 May 2015, we celebrated the Grand Opening of the “Tap and Play – Global Experience Center” in Tampere, Finland. At the venue we provide nothing but exclusive insights into the future of gaming: The integration of physical toys as active elements inside console and mobile games connected by Near Field Communication.


NFC and mobile gaming are a perfect fit, as are Finland and independent game developers. We are proud to have established our Tap and Play – Global Experience Center as a focal point for professional gaming aficionados from all over the world.


We showcase the latest technology and state-of-the-art use cases, the latter focused on monetizing models for gaming. Our visitors can also experience Twinsprite’s NFC toy management platform and see live demos supported by leading industry players like Calm Island, Cartamundi, NXP, Parrot and many others. And the center illustrates its secondary purpose: being a platform for professionals from all over the industry to meet with independent game developers from Scandinavia to share creative ideas and know-how.


The new center reflects the strategic importance of the toy and gaming market for SMARTRAC and our partners. The global mobile gaming market for example reached $24.5 billion in 2014, following impressive annual growth rates in excess of 30%. NFC technology is set to trigger further growth – and SMARTRAC’s Tap and Play – Global Experience Center will play an important role in that. Now is the perfect time to create the next big thing – the Internet of Toys!

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