Blog from: 01 July 2014

Get up to speed with the latest UHF RFID developments

Author: Enu Waktola, SMARTRAC Vice President for New Markets and Founding Board Member of RAIN Alliance

RAIN is an acronym derived from RAdio-frequency IdentificatioN, and is intended to signify the link between the use of UHF RFID and the Cloud, where RFID-based data can be stored, managed and shared via the Internet.

The RAIN Alliance was established to capitalize on the previous years’ momentum in UHF RFID industry growth and drive the global industry to the next level of implementations. SMARTRAC is proud to be founding member of the RAIN Alliance, which is uniquely positioned to represent the industry in building on the new capabilities offered by UHF Gen2V2, which was ratified in late 2013 by GS1 EPCglobal and ISO/IEC 18000-63. 

SMARTRAC recognized the need for an industry-wide response to emerging trends by establishing the RAIN Alliance together with its co-founding partners Google, Impinj, and Intel. While early adaptation of UHF Gen2 saw the advent of item-level tagging applications primarily for B2B industrial sectors, RAIN is poised to enable the pervasive integration of Gen2V2-powered devices into B2C ecosystems for consumer applications — which will drive forward the vision of the Internet of Things.

For more information about the RAIN Alliance, please click here.

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