Blog from: 09 January 2015

SMARTRAC joined Hotel Technology Next Generation

Author: Eitan Avni, Segment Development Finance, Transport and Access, SMARTRAC


SMARTRAC has become a member of Hotel Technology Next Generation (HTNG). The reason: As a Corporate Industry Partner, we have the opportunity to actively participate in HTNG’s Door Lock Security Workgroup.


Being the leading RFID manufacturer of secure MIFARE® based PRELAM® and inlays for contactless access cards and not only, we welcome every effort to develop comprehensible and transparent security standards for an ultimate contactless hospitality card. Therefore we are pleased to have the opportunity to support HTNG and its Door Lock Security Workgroup.


As our customers know, we exclusively use genuine MIFARE® chips manufactured by their inventor and intellectual property rights holder NXP for security and reliability reasons. Our HTNG membership aims to foster security awareness in the hospitality industry.


That, in fact, is an important issue we already got involved in: In particular we have taken the opportunity to point to the risks of the widespread (ab)use of contactless clone cards for access control purposes. According to a number of estimates, the majority of contactless hospitality cards are counterfeit.


Millions of clone chips (e.g. cloned MIFARE/NXP) are produced in China each year. Hardly surprisingly, these clone cards drive an image of poor RFID lock security. To make things worse, reliability suffers, and dropout rates increase.


“The true challenge for the hotel industry is data integrity and security, when it comes to the combination of access, loyalty and payments on the same card. Clones do not guarantee that each card serial number is unique. The customers can exclude this risk by using SMARTRAC cards, especially when we combine it with our cloud-based solution SMART COSMOS. Furthermore, our customers can fully trust in ISO compliant products”, says Thomas Hitzer, Head of Business Segment Finance, Transport and Access at SMARTRAC.


Due to the fact that these inferior ICs are not licensed according to ISO security standards, they can impair door lock security if built into contactless access cards. Therefore I reckon that there is plenty of work to do for HTNG’s Door Lock Security Workgroup – and I will report on that in due time. 


Hotel Technology Next Generation is a global not-for-profit trade association that fosters, through collaboration and partnership among hoteliers and technology providers, the development of next-generation solutions that will enable them to do business globally in the 21st century.

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