Blog from: 01 May 2014

SMARTRAC Talks About What’s New For 2014

During RFID Journal LIVE! in Orlando, SMARTRAC Sales Manager Kelly Snead met with business blog RFID Insider to explain where the company is headed in 2014, and to talk about new products that customers can expect in the near future.

One milestone is the company’s co-operation with pharmaceutical company Hanmi IT from Korea, which is integrating RFID into its products for traceability purposes. For maximum read range, the tags are inserted inside the cap or box of medicine bottles. Hanmi IT has developed the software and application for these tags to be implemented in drug and narcotics monitoring projects.

Further topics covered in the interview include tried and tested products, including:

  • the DogBone tag, one of the larger tags in the SMARTRAC line, which has an impressive read range and many application areas from race timing to pallet tracking;
  • The Frog, a larger dual dipole tag, which is common in warehouse tracking because of its dual dipole nature that allows for different tag orientations. The Frog is the tag to turn to when you “Absolutely, positively have to find something,” as Kelly Snead puts it;
  • The ShortDipole, SMARTRAC’s “bread and butter tag,” which has a slightly larger footprint than the smaller Belt tag, although both are used for item-level tracking;
  • The MiniWeb and Weblite tags, which have a smaller footprint and are frequently seen in small-item tracking applications.

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