Blog from: 23 October 2017

How the Internet of Things beats the counterfeiting industry

Counterfeiting unfortunately is a big industry, bringing in billions every year. Fake products can cause a lot of damage, harming profit margins and even ruining brand reputations in instances where they’re not properly constructed. But the solution that could put an end to it is both mature and simple.

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Blog from: 13 September 2017

Product digitization: proving value of branded refills

If you manufacture refill consumables and the machines that use them, you deliver most value when consumers use your branded refills. Product digitization is how you prove it.

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Blog from: 12 September 2017

Product digitization – the automotive parts supply chain’s next big opportunity?

It’s easy to focus on exciting new automotive innovations. But a change to existing products could be the big ticket to digitizing operations, boosting efficiencies, and offering amazing new customer experiences.

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Blog from: 29 August 2017

Product digitization: Connecting the products that can’t be seen

Like the surface web, there are some products that can be seen and interacted with digitally. These are typically ‘Internet of things’ type products like connected cars, smart heating thermostats, refrigerators or different types of industrial machinery. But most physical products are digitally invisible. Give them a digital identity using NFC technology and you transform the customer experience, get real-world insight to digital systems and create serious competitive difference...

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Blog from: 21 August 2017

Finding the platform in your physical products

Harvard Business Review recently published a strategy paper on how companies that weren’t born as a platform business can turn their products and services into a multisided digital platform, and deliver connected services that generate big data – and big revenue. But how do you practically turn your physical products into platforms? 

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