Car Immobilizers

RFID-based car immobilizers have been used as theft prevention means for more than ten years now. Due to continuously increasing theft rates and associated increases in insurance costs in the early 1990ies, insurance companies in Europe started demanding for comprehensive and binding introduction of car immobilizers.


Legislative bodies responded to this call bringing several laws into effect. Following EU Directive 74/61/EWG in the version of 95/56/EG, car immobilizers in Germany as well as in several other European countries have become mandatory for all new cars effective 1998. In Australia, car immobilizers have been mandatory since 2001, Canada introduced a similar legislation in 2007.


RFID-based car immobilizers are available in different types depending on the respective car specifications. Generally speaking, they comprise a secret code which is matched with the corresponding code on the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) of the car. Only if those two codes match, the ECU permits the engine to start.


Since the RFID-based car immobilizer system is built into the ECU and thereby embedded deeply into the car electronics, it can not be by-passed or defeated and thus provides reliable theft prevention.


We offer a choice of passive RFID-based car immobilizers which fulfil the highest standards in terms of quality, security, and reliability and are equipped with advanced security and encryption standards.


  • TAGUNIQUE - Smart and small glass transponder for immobilizer systems
  • TAGCODER-LITE - Highest security level for high-level immobilizer systems  
  • NOVA