Channel creation

Amplify your premium product experience with NFC tags.


Turn your products into channels for exclusive customer experiences with NFC tags.


Brands need to work harder than ever to stand out and add more value to customers.


But how do you stand out when all your competitors are using the same channels and tactics that you are? Or what if you’re industry is so regulated you can’t even use the most effective channels?


You create your own channel.


NFC tags turn your products into owned channels.

When you embed NFC tags into your products, you set your brand up for something incredibly special. When a customer taps on the product with their smartphone, you can deliver intelligent digital experiences on their device.


In effect, you turn your own products into customer experience platforms with a direct, digital relationship with your customers.


It’s a channel your competitors can’t touch and it’s embedded in your products, so you own it – and everything you say through it – completely.


This is how you turn your marketing problem into a customer experience opportunity.


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