Tamper Detection and Authentication at the Tap of a Smartphone


Smartrac CIRCUS™ TAMPER LOOP tags have been specifically designed for tamper detection and authentication, targeting a wide array of applications in packaged goods for consumer and industrial markets. The tag opens the door to entirely new, NFC-based consumer experience solutions featuring higher security and additional consumer engagement at the point of sale and post-sale.

CIRCUS TAMPER LOOP is based on the well-established CIRCUS product family and comes with a tamper-loop design. This loop enables advanced digital seal functionality for smart packaging and brand protection. It exhibits one of two conditions: a closed loop shows that the packaging is sealed; while an open loop indicates an open package. The tamper detection status can be checked at the tap of a smartphone via a programmed on-chip URL.

Moreover, products can be authenticated at any stage in the supply chain by verifying their digital identity. Even in the case of an open loop, the CIRCUS TAMPER LOOP can be read with a smartphone to display a consumer experience specific to an opened package. At any time, it can be exploited for further pre- and post-sales activities like vouchers, product services or access to dedicated social media channels, and much more. With Experiences, a solution from Smartrac’s IoT solutions portfolio SMART COSMOS, innovative ways can be developed to utilize digital product connections for consumers, to revolutionize the product lifecycle.

The small CIRCUS TAMPER LOOP is available with NXP’s NTAG 213 TT chip that provides additional features compared to the NTAG 213. It offers tamper detection with once-opened status and NXP original signature with an option of a brand-unique signature.


Operating Frequency

13.56 MHz

Integrated Circuit (IC)


Antenna Size

20 x 50 mm / 0.79 x 2.0 inch


Die-cut Size

24 x 54 mm / 0.95 x 2.1 inch

Quality Assurance

100% performance tested

Fields of Applications

  • Healthcare
  • Industrial Application
  • Retail
  • Supply Chain & Asset Management
  • Product Authentication

International Standards

  • ISO 14443 A
  • NFC Forum Type 2