Connecting Things Made Easy

Smart Cosmos is the platform from SMARTRAC that speeds the development of RFID-focused applications. Innovative software engineering now means that RFID tags have matured from being simple tracking devices to become a key business tool for increasing efficiency and reducing operating expenses.


Smart Cosmos offers tightly integrated Cloud Services that will empower the ecosystem of connected things. Three trillion products are sold annually worldwide, but the vast majority of those “simple things” are unconnected. Enterprises in all business sectors can create significant value by connecting this unconnected universe.


Enormous Potential

Just think about the global possibilities offered by connecting things, and then by using the data they generate.


  • Connecting brand products could help to reduce the cost to businesses of counterfeiting and piracy, which will reach $1.7 trillion annually by 2015. 

  • Linking food packaging to supply-chain systems and consumers’ mobile devices could help to reduce the volume of food we waste, valued at $750 billion annually.

  • Exposing product-attached data to a community of 430,000 mobile app developers and 2.2 million apps will open up a new era of innovation and value creation.


What’s missing right now to exploit the opportunities offered by connecting simple things to the Cloud is a universal “toolbox”, which can be used by a broad array of ecosystem players to link RFID-tagged items to the digital world in a way that is simple, fast and cost-efficient. Smart Cosmos is that toolbox.


For further information, please watch the video statement by Jason Weiss, Vice President of Cloud Platform & Application at SMARTRAC.



Enormous Benefits

The Smart Cosmos platform enables system integrators, IT departments and software engineers to rapidly innovate new solutions that connect physical objects to the digital world. The focus of the platform is on building robust platform services that enable key ecosystem players to build tailored solutions. System integrators and software developers can easily create new applications for the authentication, identification and tracking of goods.


Marketers can create unique and truly personalized customer experiences by better connecting offline brand items to the online world of consumers, both along the customer journey from promotion to repurchasing, and also along the product journey from production to recycling.


Smart Cosmos also supports the verification of intellectual property (IP) rights, which minimizes the potential financial impact from third-party right holders, while supporting the enforcement of SMARTRAC’s IP rights.


For system integrators, IT departments and software developers, there are huge benefits in terms of speed and cost. Without Smart Cosmos, software engineers might spend the majority of their time building costly, but critical, infrastructure before they could actually innovate in their specific vertical market. With SMART COSMOS, software engineers can spend the majority of their time innovating. Smart Cosmos platform services take care of the complex work necessary to build RFID-powered solutions in any vertical market.


Adding value in key business sectors

Smart Cosmos will make products smart for retailers and brands, by adding intelligence to goods and merchandise from the factory through retail store shelves to consumers’ homes. Brands and retailers can maximize sales revenues by focusing on customer insights and experiences, optimizing supply chains, and minimizing the cost of shrinkage and the impact of counterfeiting.


For manufacturers, Smart Cosmos will drive the next industrial revolution. At RFID-enabled factories and logistics centers, every item can carry digital information, to guide smart production lines and supply chains for maximum efficiency and just-in-time mass production of customized items.


In the Government sector, Smart Cosmos will help accelerate Government 2.0, by enhancing security, supply chain management and quality assurance for electronic identity cards (eID) and passports (ePP), as well as securing official documents through Cloud-assisted authentication and the tamper-proofing of RFID-labeled paper and certificates.


The world of Finance, Transportation and Access will be transformed, as Smart Cosmos minimizes the risks associated with payment, ticketing and access, by providing enhanced security, supply chain management and quality assurance for payment cards, electronic tickets and contactless access cards.


For further information about Smart Cosmos, contact our sales & customer service team.