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Customer feedback

Turn your products into customer experience platforms, get new product insights


Customer feedback helps you validate success and mitigate failure. It’s an essential process if you’re looking for insights to evolve your products and better understand what your customers need.


But the way you collect feedback has a huge role to play in determining the quality of the feedback you receive.


When your customers have to go out of their way to search for the right web page or even address to offer their thoughts, you guarantee that only a small fraction of customers bother to feedback.


Your products as platforms for smarter product insights.
By embedding NFC tags into every one of your products, you turn them into customer experience platforms. Which means you can make sure every customer is empowered to give you feedback while they’re using your product.


All they have to do is tap on the product with their phone and then let you know how the product’s working for them online.


It’s a shortcut to one of the most important (and underrated) aspects of product development – product insights. And it means you get more, more valuable customer insight. And your customers get a voice, precisely when they have something to say.


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