dLoc: A Breakthrough Solution in Document Authentication

Experts consider the emergence of blockchain technology to be a milestone in the history of computing. It is enabling innovative changes in several areas, now including document verification and authentication, thanks to SMARTRAC’s breakthrough dLoc solution.


Officially launched in late November 2016 at the Trustech tradeshow in Cannes (France), dLoc is an innovative solution for the reliable authentication of any vital documents, from birth certificates to land titles to medical records. Easy to integrate into existing infrastructures, and combining the simplicity of NFC with the functionality of SMART COSMOS and the security of blockchain technology, dLoc provides a feasible, off-the-shelf solution to the challenge of document verification and authentication, thereby eliminating the weakest link in the identity chain.

Suitable for Virtually Any Document


The great thing about dLoc is that its significant advantages over traditional QR code-based solutions are not obtained at the expense of feasibility or affordability. The solution can be applied to almost any document, using a printed barcode representing a number, as well as linking personalized data to the document itself. A dLoc sticker is applied to the document. That sticker contains a SMARTRAC Bullseye NFC inlay, which incorporates a security chip chosen from a range of different chip platforms with storage capacities between 1kB and 64kB. In addition, dLoc stickers support all the standard security features like guilloches, UV print, micro text or latent image that are often found in high-security documents.


To enable document authentication in the course of the issuance process, document data are married to the unique ID of the NFC tag to create a 32-bit hash value, which is only recognizable by the issuing agency using a private key. The hash value is stored in SMART COSMOS and backed up in a public blockchain. Once that has happened, the document with the dLoc sticker can be verified using a desktop reader or, more likely, a mobile app on an NFC-enabled phone. 

Blockchain Technology for Maximum Security

A blockchain is a distributed database that maintains a continuously growing list of records, called blocks, which are secure from tampering and revision. Each block contains a timestamp and a link to a previous block. That principle provides a public ledger for all transactions, and is the basis for the crypto-currency bitcoin.

dLoc Demo Video from Trustech 2016

Partnering with a Blockchain Leader


To make sure dLoc leverages blockchain technology in the best possible way, SMART COSMOS utilizes solutions developed by blockchain technology leader Factom Inc.The Austin (Texas, USA) based company offers blockchain technology for compliance, identity, transparent assets and securities. Factom’s data integrity solutions encrypt, record and secure SMART COSMOS entries into its public blockchain. While SMART COSMOS itself is a secure system, the Factom integration is key to dLoc’s superior security. Once the hash value is created, the value itself and every verification (read) process are recorded in SMART COSMOS and the Factom Blockchain.

Seamlessly Retracing Document History


Leveraging SMARTRAC and Factom technology, any institution that issues vital records – governments, banks, hospitals, universities – can use its private key to seamlessly retrace each document’s history. In addition, the chip inside the dLoc sticker can hold context information, such as images and biometrics, which can be stored as public data or as private data accessible to authorized parties only.


For further information, please contact SMARTRAC’s sales and customer service team.

Factom: dLoc “Holds Great Promise”


“dLoc is the first practical document authentication system that utilizes the Factom Blockchain to bridge the data integrity gap between the physical and digital world. We now have a reliable way to secure information on paper-based documents with digital data using blockchain technology. dLoc’s data and identity authentication solution holds great promise for both public and private sectors where paper-based documents are widely used.“
Abhi Dobhal, VP Business Development at Factom.