eApeiron Solutions becomes part of SMARTRAC TECHNOLOGY GROUP

eApeiron Solutions becomes part of Smartrac

Smartrac Technology Group has acquired brand protection specialist eApeiron Solutions. The acquisition will allow Smartrac to further expand its portfolio of proven RFID-based IoT solutions for enhanced customer experience and product authentication, today already successfully applied in many billions of products across all market segments. The company’s offering to enable a global product digitization will now be complemented by new, additional security layers for any product or product packaging, as well as for product raw materials or components.


Focused on fighting counterfeiting and product diversion based on visible, invisible or forensically undetectable materials in combination with proprietary readers and cloud-based brand protection services, eApeiron brings in its comprehensive suite of secure technologies tailored for retail and industrial applications as well as e-commerce. These multi-layer solutions comprise security labels including a sophisticated tagging system offering a unique signature profile for consumer authentication and identifying and tracking products throughout the entire supply chain. These globally tested technologies have been successfully deployed in billions of products over the last 10 years.


Backed by a comprehensive suite of former Kodak patents, expertise in marker material, optical recognition and printing, combined with comprehensive application know-how across multiple industries, eApeiron has offices, research and production facilities in Miami, Florida and Rochester, New York.


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