Enablement System

Enabling Product Digitization at the Point of Manufacture

There’s no question: Brand manufacturers and retailers need to digitize their products if they really want to digitize their businesses. Until recently, the question was how products could be digitized at the point of manufacture, securely, and with ease. Now, the Smart Cosmos Enablement System provides the answer.


To effectively and securely digitize physical products and turn them into customer experience platforms that deliver valued digital content, Smart Cosmos brings together world-class hardware and software into its customers’ factories or distribution centers. The innovative Smart Cosmos Enablement System is based on an industrial-grade touchscreen PC with NFC and barcode/QR code readers. It provides practically any product with a unique digital identity within the secure Smart Cosmos platform; the system set-up at the end of a manufacturing line can be done in minutes and digitizing a single product can be achieved in just seconds.


Merge and Authorize Unique Digital ID’s to Physical Products

Designed for branded product manufacturers and retailers, the Smart Cosmos Enablement System provides them with a possibility to merge and authorize unique digital ID’s to their physical products within the cloud. This process results in the secure creation of a digital twin (digital ID linked to product data) and enables real-time data access, integration into customers’ ERP and CRM systems as well as production data analytics.


Enhance Process Transparency

With the enablement system in place, any manufacturer can achieve improved and maximum transparency, including a Smart Cosmos dashboard visualization of real-time production output by production line compared to planned output.


Learn from a Leader: Mammut

A current example for what product digitization with the Smart Cosmos Enablement System can accomplish is provided by Swiss outdoor brand Mammut – just read our newsletter story.


Smart Cosmos Enablement System – Benefits at a Glance:


  • Giving physical products a unique digital identity
  • Safeguarding production of authorized products to defined amounts
  • Providing real-time visibility into production output, supply chain, operational data and consumer data
  • Preventing counterfeiting by tagging each product with a unique ID stored securely inside a RFID tag
  • Enabling association of product identities with consumer identities for promotions, loyalty programs and value-added services
  • Addressing counterfeiting by enabling consumers to verify the authenticity of the product at the point-of-purchase
  • Providing consumers with great experiences – at the point-of-purchase and throughout a product’s lifecycle