Adding Digital Value to Physical Brand Products

SMARTRAC’s EXPERIENCES solution enables brand owners to create stronger relationships with their customers during the lifetime of a brand product.

The additional value can be significant during the product lifetime. 

Here are some examples for each of the lifetime phases depicted above:


By tapping their NFC enabled smartphone onto a brand product shoppers could easily look at product related content, e.g. a video interview with the product designer.


A shopper could download a brand’s app and then verify the product authenticity by just tapping an NFC enabled smartphone onto a brand product. 


The shopper’s NFC smartphone could become a “personal cash register” that rings up items by tapping onto them.

“Use & Share”

The product owner could easily display a “how to use” video or share an unboxing video with his social media community by just tapping his NFC smartphone onto the product.

“Bond & Advocate”

The consumer could join the brand’s social media community of “verified” owners by opening the brand app and tapping the NFC smartphone onto an original product.


The product owner can get offers for the next generation product or related items to complete a set or collection. Or instantly buy consumables for e.g. a coffee machine.