First Dual Interface Inlays to Meet MasterCard Standards

SMARTRAC’s dual interface inlays for payment cards are the first products to successfully pass the comprehensive Card Quality Management (CQM) audit, which MasterCard recently implemented for dual interface inlays. This result is very good news for the whole credit card industry, particularly because contactless payments are rapidly increasing.


While ICs, modules and pure contactless pre-laminates have been tested and audited for years, MasterCard only recently installed an audit for dual interface inlays (contactless and contact). At the end of July 2015, SMARTRAC’s production sites in Thailand and Malaysia have passed the required CQM audits. Dual interface inlay manufacturing at these sites is now CQM approved, and entitled to carry the corresponding CQM label. The comprehensive test procedures covered physical, dimensional as well as electrical aspects of the inlays.


Strict Requirements Met


The new audit forms part of MasterCard’s overall approval process that defines strict requirements for manufacturing sites and processes. The CQM scheme guarantees consistent and traceable quality to the issuer. Worldwide only a limited number of inlay production sites meet these requirements. Dual interface inlays are part of SMARTRAC’s portfolio for payment applications, which also include pure contactless pre-laminates such as PRELAM® and SHIELDLAM®. Besides conventional dual interface inlays, the new CQM label also covers SMARTRAC’s wire booster antenna inlays for its COIL ON MODULE technology.


Positive Signal to the Credit Card Industry


"Providing the market's first dual interface inlays that have passed MasterCard's extensive Card Quality Management audit is a very welcome confirmation of our track record in RFID quality and security, and we are pleased about this achievement" says Thomas Decker, Vice President, Business Division Secure ID & Transactions at SMARTRAC. "The CQM label sends a strong and positive signal to the credit card industry, as well as to card manufacturers."

Credit Cards and Contactless Payment: A Perfect Combination


No matter how much buzz Apple Pay and other sophisticated payment methods and solutions may create, the proven credit card system is top dog when it comes to contactless payment. This is underlined by results of a survey that MasterCard recently conducted in the UK. The research, conducted by NFC World+, discovered that the amount British consumers spent using their contactless cards increased by 560% in the last 12 months!


The number of contactless card transactions made with MasterCard has risen 457% since last summer. Meanwhile, the average contactless purchase now stands at £7.29 (approx. €10.03/$11.21 as at August 28), up from the £4.52 (€6.22/$6.95) average in 2012. According to Mark Barnett, president of MasterCard UK & Ireland, this upward trend is expected to continue, because “consumers enjoy the speed and convenience of tapping to pay”.