NFC in Gaming

The Internet of Things is becoming a reality, and creating more and more opportunities for companies and consumers. Also, it is evident that industries are mixing - games are moving into the toy arena, and toys are moving into the games arena. Mobile gaming in particular is growing extremely fast, and it has been forcasted that it will exceed the value of the console gaming market in 2015. The Internet of Toys, as a logical consequence, is gaining momentum, and offers lots of untapped potential.


NFC can play a major role in unlocking this potential:

  • Toys and gaming are mixing and further evolving toward an ultimate interactive experience.
  • Gaming platforms are more social and connected than ever before.
  • Most smart devicebrands support NFC.
  • The price of NFC technology has decreased significantly, due to the adoption of industry standards.
  • NFC payments has made technology more familiar to the consumers over the past years


Beyond the experience of truly interactive gaming, NFC-enabled toys can:

  • Bring gaming brands and characters closer to consumers.
  • Increase games’ brand and social value by also being visible in the physical world. This helps to turn successful gaming brand to valuable entertainment intellectual properties.
  • Turn freemium mobile games into premium games
  • Support new gaming features, such as energy harvesting with sensors, LEDs or sounds for new type of gaming concepts
  • Evolve gaming into social events.
  • Protect consumers from counterfeit or harmful toys.


NFC is a bridge between mobile games and physical toys for a variety of merchandise:

  • Toys, figures, electronic gadgets.
  • Books, magazines, posters
  • Board games, trading cards, playing cards, promotional cards.
  • Outdoor playing fields and spaces.
  • Sports equipment.
  • NFC, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi controlled electronic toys.