Gemalto Honors SMARTRAC for Perfect eCover Production

“Zero defects” is not an unattainable goal, as shown by the recent award for the flawless production of eCovers for passports given to SMARTRAC by its customer Gemalto, one of the most prestigious North American passport producers. It is also a proof that long-term relationships between customers and suppliers do pay off for both parties.


Gemalto, the global leader in digital security and a major supplier to the North American passport market, has given SMARTRAC the award for supplying passport covers with zero defects over a one-year period. The award, presented to SMARTRAC’s eID production site in the US, recognizes “a remarkable achievement in the RFID world, and highlights the commitment of the SMARTRAC team to producing passport inlays of the absolutely highest standard.”


Gemalto Honors SMARTRAC for Perfect eCover Production

Proudly presenting two well-earned awards: Gemalto’s Senior Vice President Neville Pattinson (third from right) with the SMARTRAC Team, from left to right, Brad Fitzgerald, (Finance Manager), James Martin (Operations Manager), Alex Cowie (Managing Director), Ralf Henn (SVP Secure ID & Transactions Business Division), and Brian Bender (Sales Director North America).


Long-term Trustful Partnership with Gemalto

Above and beyond this award for excellence, Gemalto also recognized SMARTRAC’s delivery of over 50 million eCovers in North America, since the company first started to supply eCovers for this project in 2007. Over that time, SMARTRAC has built a strong partnership with Gemalto, consistently supplying significant numbers of inlays for this globally significant project. SMARTRAC’s eCovers have also gained a reputation for being both reliable and durable, with no mentionable field returns due to product failure.

High product quality and a strong partnership have formed a solid foundation for continued success: In 2012, Gemalto signed a second consecutive contract to supply eCovers for the North American passport market. According to that contract, Gemalto is to supply its latest ICAO-compliant eCovers, as well as support, for the lifetime of the agreement.


For Ralf Henn, SVP Secure ID and Transactions Business Division at SMARTRAC, the two awards prove that long-term relationships between customers and suppliers do pay off for both parties. “50 million eCovers is an impressive figure – and so is zero defects. We are very proud to have been Gemalto’s preferred partner for almost ten years now, and we would dare to say that our passion for quality has contributed to Gemalto’s status as one of only two vendors that passed a rigorous selection process to supply the North American market.”


eCover – Highest Security for Electronic Passports

SMARTRAC provides high-security RFID eCovers to customers worldwide, helping to improve secure identification and increase the effectiveness of border control processes. The company also guarantees reliable and flexible products that meet customers’ stringent demands and exceed industry standards.


SMARTRAC eCover products are typically manufactured by applying a number of the company’s proprietary and patent-protected technologies, consisting of a wire-embedded antenna on a carrier substrate connected to a chip module. The laminated inlay is then seamlessly incorporated into the back cover of the passport.

eCover at a Glance


• Operating Frequency: 13.56 MHz
• Operating Temperature: -25°C to +50°C
• Inlay Material: DURASOFT® and Paper
• Cover Material: Textile and Paper

International Standards:
• ISO 14443
• ICAO Compliant

Application Area:
• Secure ePassport

• Customized sheet formats
• Initialization / Customized programming of data
• Manifesting
• Foil embossing

Gemalto at a Glance


Gemalto’s solutions are at the heart of modern life, from payment to enterprise security and the Internet of Things. The company authenticates people, transactions and objects, encrypts data and creates a value for software – enabling its clients to deliver secure digital services for billions of individuals and things. More than 14,000 employees operate out of 118 offices, 45 personalization and data centers, and 27 research and software development centers located in 49 countries.