Identification and Temperature Measurement for Diverse Applications

GLASS TAG THERMOSENSOR, the latest addition to the GLASS TAG product range is suitable for a broad range of applications; as a component of cold chain solutions, in high temperature or high-acidity industrial environments, or under the skin of live animals.


In addition to offering reliable read ranges when used for animal ID purposes or in the harsh environments frequently found in industry and logistics, GLASS TAG THERMOSENSOR provides accurate and reliable temperature sensing and storage capabilities without the need for a dedicated battery-powered sensor or data logger.


In cold chain or industrial environments, this innovative, passive sensing product can wirelessly measure the temperature inside closed bins, jars or chambers – whether the items to be monitored are in manufacturing facilities, laboratories or containers in transit. Similarly, pet owners and laboratory operators can not only identify their animals but also effortlessly monitor their body temperature.


GLASS TAG THERMOSENSOR’s temperature-sensing capabilities are provided by its Excelio EL9265 IC that offers 2048 Bit EEPROM, including 1792 bits of user memory that can be used for storing up to 50 temperature measurements. System integrator customers are given the information needed to calibrate, calculate and display the temperature information in the readers they use.


GLASS TAG THERMOSENSOR is “Made in Germany” from biocompatible glass and provides a wide range of measurable temperatures. The overall operating temperature is -25 to +85°C, while the storage temperature is -40° to +85°C. For improved accuracy, users can calibrate application-specific temperature ranges: when calibrated for animal identification (temperature range +30 to +45°C), accuracy is as high as ±0.05°C.


Operating Frequency

134.2 kHz

125.0 kHz

Operating Temperature

-25°C to +85°C


Biocompatible Glass

Storage Temperature

-40° to +85°C

International Standards

  • ISO 11784/85

Application Areas

  • Animal Indentification
  • Industrial Applications
  • Cold Chain Management