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Government eID

Highest Security, Integrity and Trust for Electronic Identity (eID) Documents  

Modern RFID technology redefines traveling worldwide. While electronic passports have been introduced in numerous countries around the world, governments are now introducing further contactless identification documents based on RFID.


Electronic National ID cards and driving licences, health cards, and social security cards are the next coherent step on the way to switch from purely printed identification documents to a more secure and convenient identification including a secure microchip.


SMARTRAC is the global leader in high-quality RFID inlays for identity documents delivering its smart and secure inlays to more than 40 eID projects worldwide.


Being able to serve both, electronic passports and eID cards makes SMARTRAC the preferred manufacturing partner for demanding high security projects. Relying on SMARTRAC RFID inlays means highest security & reliability for government identification documents.


Our Product Range for the Government eID Market Covers High-Security RFID Inlays for:  

  • e-Passports  
  • e-National ID Cards  
  • e-Driving Licences  
  • e-Visa Documents  
  • e-Health Cards  
  • e-Social Security Cards  
  • e-Permanent Resident Cards  

Please take a look at our comprehensive product and service portfolio for government credentials that meets your high security purpose:

Our Services Range for the Government ID Market Covers:  

  • Manifesting
  • Initialization (HF Ics only, Key Management)
  • S/N injekt printing
  • Foil embossing
  • CAP (Shielding


Customers Benefit from: 

  • Our superior technology portfolio from in-house wafer processing, module packaging, all-embracing RFID inlay manufacturing up to complete dual interface turn-key solutions
  • Manufacturing experience as global market leader for Governmental eID projects
  • Tailored customer solutions being fully compliant with international standards (e.g. ISO, IEC, DIN, NIST, ICAO, Intergraf)


Product Certifications and Qualifications:

SMARTRAC is dedicated to provide total customer satisfaction by providing high quality products and services meeting ICAO compliance (International Civil Aviation Organization). Our facility concept complies with global quality, security and environmental standards.



  • DIN EN ISO9001:2008
  • ISO/TS16949



  • DIN EN ISO14001 : 2004
  • SONY Green Partner Certificate 



  • Common Criteria EAL 5+ security certification (BSI)
  • NASPO Security Assurance Certification


Our dedicated team as well as our flexible production lines and a network of high security production facilities in America, Europe, and Asia have proven to be a guarantee for the high quality standards we are able to adhere to.

For Sales & Customer Service related inquiries, please contact us here. For  general questions related to our identity document transponders and inlays, please send an e-mail to