Smartrac Gets ARC Quality Certification

High-Proof Solution to Fight Wine & Spirits Counterfeiting

Alcoholic beverages rank among the world’s most counterfeited products: up to one-third of all alcohol comes from illicit production. Smartrac's solutions portfolio Smart Cosmos offers wine and spirits brands an effective solution to take counterfeiters out of the game.


If your business depends on recognized wine and spirits brands, counterfeiting is your single biggest threat to growth. Booming alcohol markets like Russia and China are some of the worst affected. Traditional countermeasures like authenticity stamps, seals, holograms and certificates mostly fail, because they can be faked or simply are not recognized by consumers. What’s needed is a secure, reliable but easy and inexpensive way to authenticate your wine and spirits as yours. Something that can’t be removed or faked. Something that gives your product an unmistakable identity that the customer can verify, and that you can also track throughout your supply chain.


Turning Bottles into Digital Platforms…

One of Smartrac’s solution is as straightforward as it is effective: QR code security labels with a scratch-off PIN. These labels are inexpensive and easy to integrate into your existing manufacturing processes. And when you apply them, you turn your bottles into a digital platform with a unique digital identity. Consumers can then easily authenticate your products by scanning them with their smartphones and entering the individual scratch-off PIN, provided as part of the Smart Cosmos solution. Once they have done that, a mobile landing page hosted by the brand owner or Smartrac provides instant product validation.


…To Increase Visibility Throughout the Supply Chain…

The platform behind the mobile landing page records, flags, collates and analyses scanning activities – including any illicit ones. Brand owners and investigators can access the data through a secure web portal and get the insights needed to effectively identify and fight counterfeiting and diversion. In a nutshell, QR code security labels from Smartrac increase product visibility throughout your supply chain.


… and Gain Insight into Customer Behavior

Since these labels and the mobile landing page establish a communications channel to your consumers, you can also deliver unique content, increase loyalty program sign-ups by asking at the time of peak interest, or collect social proof by asking for feedback – all triggered when the code is scanned.


The Icing on the, well, Bottle: NFC Tags and Invisible Markers

If you want even more security and product protection, tamper-proof and encrypted NFC tags can help you fully ensure that a bottle has never been opened or tampered with before purchase. With the simple tap of a smartphone on the NFC spot, both consumers and your business will benefit from enhanced security and product authentication, and superior customer experience. And applying an invisible, secret marker on the bottles and packages along with our QR codes or NFC tags provides an additional layer of comprehensive protection.

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All this is just a very condensed description of a solution to a complex problem. If that got you curious, there is more detailed information in our eBook, a case study and a solution brief – check them out or contact our Sales & Customer Service Team.