SMARTRAC - Case Study Khongboon

How Innovative Brands Are Targeting the Millennial Market

Cutting-edge brands are using SMARTRAC’s NFC technology and Experiences solution to make products that 'talk' to their consumers. Are you?


Dynamic and future-oriented brands are making their products smart, and delivering more value to their consumers. Global swimwear company Khongboon Group has just announced the launch of a new women’s brand, Khongboon Activewear (KBA). These products now also utilize SMARTRAC’s latest NFC technology and its Experiences solution to enable their consumers to access personalized, relevant and dynamic content with a simple tap of a phone or tablet against the NFC touchpoint in the respective piece of clothing – women’s sport tops or bottoms.

Just Tap to Receive a Dynamic User Experience

Each piece within the new activewear collection is equipped with an embedded CIRCUS DURA NFC tag under the KBA logo as the prerequisite for running SMARTRAC’s Experiences solution. Consumers can tap the logo with any NFC-enabled device to receive a dynamic user experience, which includes product information, a catalogue of the activewear collection, real-time social media feeds, and a countdown to the next content update. Upcoming releases will include exclusive promotions and contextually-aware components, such as nearby gym locations and running paths, plus fitness tracking, for even more personalized interactions.


An Easy Choice for Staying Ahead of the Competition


According to Alexander Hagard Gronwall, co-founder of Khongboon Group Ltd, SMARTRAC’s CIRCUS DURA NFC tags and its Experiences solution were an easy choice. “We always aim to be at the forefront of quality and design with our swimwear. Upon launching our new activewear line, we wanted to offer the best in technology, functionality and quality - all in the same product. SMARTRAC’s offer fulfilled all of our requirements”.


The Time is Right for Delivering More Value to Customers

This of course is a statement that Corey L. Wilson, Smartrac’s Vice President for Global Business Development, finds extremely encouraging. “Being chosen by Khongboon to provide them with the essential ingredients for end-to-end product digitization and hence smart products, confirms our expertise in innovative products and solutions.”


Khongboon’s decision also provides a convincing answer to the basic question about the appropriate timing for making products smart. “Bringing digital services to their products presents a major opportunity for brand manufacturers to deliver more value to their customers through the products they are selling. It’s an opportunity that is here for the taking – right now”, he added.


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Khongboon: empower every woman to lead her best active life

Within a mere three years after its foundation, KHONGBOON GROUP LTD has already emerged as a leading provider of swimwear worldwide, combining luxury fabrics, quality and forward thinking designs into one product, while still keeping an affordable price-point. Khongboon’s combination of the latest in technology, luxury compression fabrics and quality enables every woman to live their best active lifestyle without any compromises.

CIRCUS DURA: tough enough for brand and retail applications

Used by Khongboon and featured by NXP’s NTAG® 213 IC, SMARTRAC’s CIRCUS DURA NFC tags have been specifically designed with an enhanced environmental resistance for demanding brand and retail applications. The innovative CIRCUS DURA product paves the way to whole new consumer experience solutions featuring higher consumer engagement and loyalty opportunities for brands and retailers. CIRCUS DURA can be used to add digital value to products, and bridge offline products to the digital world based on SMARTRAC’s Experiences solution.