How NFC and the Internet of Things Create New EXPERIENCES

NFC is increasing brand loyalty for products like the revolutionary new Adidas x HYPEBEAST 10th ANNIVERSARY UltraBOOST UNCAGED sneaker, which made a big splash on SMARTRAC’s booth at Retail’s BIG Show in New York. Check out how NFC-equipped branded products are offering consumers totally new “EXPERIENCES”, enabled by an innovative Smart Cosmos-based IoT solution.


Using the innovative EXPERIENCES solution from SMARTRAC, brand owners can add digital value to products, delivering new experiences to consumers every time they tap on their product’s embedded NFC inlay.


Until now, most physical branded items or products have not had Internet connectivity and remain unconnected during their lifetime. The EXPERIENCES solution turns these offline physical objects (or things) into connected digital instances. All the consumer has to do is tap an NFC-enabled smartphone on the NFC inlay or “touchpoint”, which can be embedded in products, shelf talkers, out-of-home advertising displays or in other places accessible to the consumer.


Personalized Content…

Crucially, attractive and relevant content has to be delivered to the mobile device, to make the customer tap more than once or twice. EXPERIENCES takes care of that, enabling dynamic and personalized web-based content to be offered to the consumer. That content may include local points of interest, social media, news, music playlists, video content, transit schedules, weather and more, so that anytime the consumer taps, individualized content is delivered. Of course, this could always be a fairly generic mobile experience with the ability to sign up to an offer redeemable with the next brand purchase.


…Creating Exciting EXPERIENCES

Or it could be truly exclusive content, which is only available if the product, and thus the inlay, is within reach. Since that advanced content would be dynamic, it would change constantly, encouraging intensive engagement with the product and the brand. And as new data would be gathered with every interaction, more relevant and hyper-personalized content could be served to different groups of users. Things will not only be connected – they will be exciting for the consumer as well.

The EXPERIENCES Solution in a Nutshell


The IoT solution consists of specially programmed NFC inlays, which can be embedded in a broad variety of physical objects, and a content delivery engine. In addition, it incorporates a sophisticated user analytics dashboard and campaign management tool built to the requirements of marketers. The delivery engine and dashboard have proven their effectiveness in hundreds of successful campaigns for major consumer brands across multiple industries.


What EXPERIENCES can do for brand owners:


  • Assign hyper-customized content, known as an “experience”, to specific sets of objects.
  • Deliver targeted messaging providing direct outreach to customers for upcoming events, exclusive content and more. 
  • Serve tailored, specific product content to the smartphone, to make the experience feel like it came directly from the product itself. 
  • Provide product-specific data, such as color, size and style, that can be fully integrated into mobile content in real time. 
  • Enable sophisticated user analytics to enhance the mobile experience with dynamic, user-specific content, thereby continuing and improving the brand conversation beyond the point of sale.


To learn more about EXPERIENCES, please contact our sales and customer service team.