How NFC Keeps Children Engaged with Books

Could NFC replace CDs as a way of encouraging children’s engagement with books? Read how an innovative Finnish publishing house is using NFC to take kids to the next level of entertainment.


NFC technology has found yet another interesting application, this time bringing books and music together in a publication aimed at a younger audience.

Because the use of CDs and CD players is decreasing, publishing house F-Kustannus (a part of Otava Publishing Company Ltd.) has broken new ground in Finland by publishing a children's book called Reuhurinne: Eläinlauluja that utilizes NFC technology to allow its readers to listen to songs mentioned in the book. With this technology, by simply tapping the book with their NFC-enabled device, readers can listen to the book's songs with any Android mobile device, or even with many devices simultaneously.

Tap to Play

NFC technology (Near Field Communication) enables entirely new ways of content distribution and consumer experience. By simply touching an object such as a book, NFC-enabled smartphones and tablets can access digital content and services or send and gather data. Finnish technology company FinnCode Ltd is responsible for the development of the Reuhurinne Ekstra app, and the implementation of the NFC technology in the book.

The application uses SMARTRAC’s BullsEye NTAG213 NFC tag, which is installed inside the book cover, between the plastic and cardboard layers. BullsEye tags provide a high-performance, cost-effective solution for product authentication, magazine ads, smart posters, postcards and other high-volume applications. There is a specific NFC symbol on the book’s cover to indicate where to tap with the mobile phone.

A Stimulating Read

Reuhurinne: Eläinlauluja is a fun-filled book featuring 30 well-known animal-themed songs. Readers can listen to 15 of these songs on their mobile devices using the Reuhurinne Ekstra app, or hear them on the CD supplied with the book. Lively illustrations by Jii Roikonen bring the book to life.

The Reuhurinne series of books by author Tuula Kallioniemi started life in 1997. The series contains a range of books, from children's novels to non-fiction and puzzle books.

SMARTRAC’s BullsEye NFC tags feature the NXP NTAG213 chip to offer high reliability and market-leading performance. Their unique ID (UID) mirror functionality suits high-volume applications. BullsEye tags conform to the ISO14443A standard and are compatible with NFC Forum standards.

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