26 June 2017

How Innovative Brands Are Targeting the Millennial Market

Cutting-edge brands are using Smartrac’s NFC technology and Experiences solution to make products that 'talk' to their consumers. Are you?


16 May 2017

DYNE Finds Competitive Advantage in Apparel that Talks Back

When DYNE wanted to extend its marketing reach and improve customer loyalty, turning their clothing into ‘living products’ proved to be a profitable decision.


20 March 2017

Smartrac and Spyder Turn Apparel into Experiences

When international ski and lifestyle brand Spyder announced its all-new U.S. Ski Team collection for this winter season, they weren’t just presenting new jackets. Using Smartrac’s latest NFC technology and future-oriented smart products solution, Spyder created a completely new customer experience.


20 March 2017

Vitamix Blends Tradition and Innovation with NFC

Household appliances rarely make the electronics trade press headlines. However, high-performance blending equipment specialist Vitamix is creating quite a stir with its innovative blenders that use built-in NFC technology from SMARTRAC.


17 January 2017

When is a Jacket more than a Jacket?

Premium skiwear brand Spyder are embedding NFC intelligence into their jackets, so their customers can engage with their products in new ways. One tap on the logo and they’ll get dynamic content about things like the US Ski team and local trail conditions on their smartphones.


26 September 2016

Tegu Uses Smart Fixtures to Build Sales

The construction-toy company has installed RFID-enabled display cases with SMARTRAC’s DOGBONE inlay at stores. Now Tegu is able to track which products are sold, automatically bill the retailer accordingly and order replacements. The result – high increase in sales!


27 June 2016

US Postal Service: How NFC Makes Paper Mails Irresistible

Do you remember the times when most advertising mails were sent out in paper form? Combined with innovative technologies such as NFC, paper mailings could now experience a renaissance. Check how US Postal Service takes traditional mails to the next level.


14 December 2015

Cucina Barilla: The Tastiest RFID Solution Yet

Do you like Italian food? If so, you will like Cucina Barilla, the Italian food manufacturer’s innovative product. It employs customized BullsEye RFID tags provided by SMARTRAC, and readers to automate home-cooking. Consumers can easily operate an oven dedicated to preparing pasta and other tasty dishes. Buon appetito!


23 September 2015

The Fanciest and Smartest Phone Case Ever Built

Google products are always likely to cause some hype – as will the “Edition Line” series of hard cases for Google’s Nexus 6 flagship phone and selected other models. With NFC technology provided by SMARTRAC and Cellotape, unique functionalities and “stellar” artwork, there are some good reasons for that hype.


16 March 2015

RFID Boosts Revenue and Reputation for Adler Retail Stores

Growing sales and the 2014 European Retail Technology Award in the Best Enterprise Solution category resulted from the introduction of RFID technology at Adler Modemärkte. SMARTRAC is their exclusive supplier of RFID inlays, as well as some unique expertise.