28 August 2018

How RAIN RFID Can Enhance Industry 4.0

Discover in this webinar the benefits of RAIN RFID and how this contactless technology can enhance Industry 4.0. Learn how to choose the right solutions for the right applications and how to deploy complete, end-to-end solutions. See first-hand, through a variety of use cases how other organizations have directly benefited from the enhanced flexibility, more efficient processes, and smarter manufacturing that came with using RAIN RFID. 


27 March 2018

How to Keep Buildings Dry and Safe with SENSOR DOGBONE

Moisture inside buildings can harm materials and people. Constant dripping erodes concrete and stone, and harmful molds can cause illness. Helsinki’s Metropolia University of Applied Sciences is using passive RFID sensors inside walls, roofs and floors to give early warning of moisture build-up.


14 December 2017

Market Heating Up for Cool Temperature-Logging Products

The temperature-logger market is growing fast, due to increased demand from cold-chain operators for greater innovation in item-level logging. A new temperature logger that can be read by a smartphone could answer that demand.


26 September 2016

Breakthrough RFID Sensing Solutions from Smartrac

Long Live Diversity! That was Smartrac's inofficial motto when presenting its new sensor tag family during RFID Journal Live! in Orlando. Learn how passive RFID tags can provide effective moisture and temperature sensing in multiple, diverse applications.


27 June 2016

3 Questions to...

In this edition of our ‘3 Questions to…’ series, Lauri Hyytinen, Head of the Automotive Segment at SMARTRAC, gives some insights into the hot topic of RAIN RFID sensor technology. He highlights how passive sensor labels can optimize processes in industry, and describes the technology’s potential and where it may lead.


27 June 2016

World’s First Passive RAIN RFID Inlay for Measuring Temperature

Unbroken cold chains are essential for the pharmaceutical and food industries, or grocery and agricultural applications. SMARTRAC’s innovative passive temperature-sensing RFID inlay now enables gapless temperature monitoring at package or item level – at an affordable price.


17 March 2016

SENSOR PATCH to Revolutionize Medical Care

After the successful introduction of its first moisture-sensing products in 2015, SMARTRAC is introducing SENSOR PATCH, a new product that is ideally suited for applications in geriatric and other areas of healthcare.


11 March 2016

Leakage Testing in Automobile Production

Together with its partners Smartrac and Vilant, Turck offers the world's first system solution for fully automated leakage testing in automobile production. The system is based on UHF-RFID technology and detects all leakages in car bodies without the need for any manual intervention.


14 December 2015

Water Leakage inside Vehicles - a Thing of the Past

SMARTRAC launched the first-ever passive water sensor tag that works on metal surfaces such as the harsh environment of an automobile chassis. The solution ensures that cars leaving the factory are completely watertight, and may also find applications in aviation manufacture, shipbuilding or liquid packaging.


16 March 2015

First Passive UHF Moisture-sensing Inlay on the Market

Driven by innovation and responsiveness to customer requirements, SMARTRAC has launched the new Sensor DogBone. It is designed primarily to measure moisture conditions in harsh industrial environments such as construction, energy, healthcare, automotive production and the military.