26 June 2017

Happy As a Duck in Water

Imagine tracking 30,000 rubber ducks used in an unusual fundraising event. RFID tags come to the rescue once again. Read how all the technical challenges were overcome to make the charity event successful.


26 June 2017

Implementing the Internet of your Things

To make the vision of smart products real for your consumers, you just need to take three easy steps. Read the 'Internet of your things' guide, our latest e-book and find out how to start delivering great consumer experiences.


22 June 2017

Apple Opens up NFC: a Consumer Experience Triumph

Apple expands NFC capability in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, validating and expanding the multi-billion dollar NFC opportunity. Future-focussed brands that act now will secure a competitive edge.


12 June 2017

Khongboon Jumps on the Smart Products Bandwagon, Adding Momentum

By making its new activewear line smart, swimwear specialist Khongboon is swimming with the tide of innovation, allowing its customers to directly engage with the brand through its connected apparel.


09 June 2017

Better be good: Smartrac supports the “UN Global Compact” Initiative

Joining the UN Global Compact is perfectly logical, because in recent years Smartrac has made considerable efforts in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). So joining the UN Global Compact fits into the picture since it is a voluntary initiative that aims to implement universal sustainability principles and to take steps to support UN goals. 


08 June 2017

How to Digitize your Products in Real Life

Digitizing the products you already sell can help you deliver incredible consumer experiences. But first you need a proven process for implementing the Internet of your things.


29 May 2017

Customer Loyalty Signups are Broken. Here’s How to Fix them.

Most brands don’t think about the consumer experience that gets people to sign up for their loyalty programs. Let’s fix that.


16 May 2017

DYNE Finds Competitive Advantage in Apparel that Talks Back

When DYNE wanted to extend its marketing reach and improve customer loyalty, turning their clothing into ‘living products’ proved to be a profitable decision.


28 April 2017

Turning Products into Subscription Services

With the right intelligence, you can turn your physical products into subscription services. Here's how that works and why it matters.


24 April 2017

Sustainability, Brand Building and the IoT

Sustainability is becoming a big deal to both brands and consumers. Use living products to tell the story of your sustainability efforts.