28 April 2020

RFID: Tiny Wonders Behind Friction-Free Grocery Shopping

RFID is making frictionless shopping a reality, while giving products a digital identity that enables inventory tracking and enhances consumer experiences. Thanks to key partnerships with brands like Ralph Lauren, and having recently acquired Smartrac, one of the leading RFID manufacturers in the world, Avery Dennison Intelligent Labels has the leverage and market share to dominate this digital transformation. (FORBES)


31 March 2020

Enhancing Healthcare Quality with RFID Innovations for the Sterile Goods Cycle

Surgical instruments are a challenge for today’s RFID technology: made of stainless steel, they are delicate, and are sterilized at extreme temperatures (up to 121°C/250°F). Tiny, super-high frequency tags (SHF, 5.8 GHz) are needed to create a digital copy of the sterile goods cycle.


12 December 2019

Think Big, Choose Smartrac: Tracking One Million Healthcare Assets in the UAE

When OGTech, a systems integration company, planned a comprehensive asset-tracking solution for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Ministry of Health, quality did count. That’s one reason why Smartrac is the primary tag supplier for one of the Middle East's largest RFID deployments.


20 September 2019

How Smartrac is Helping to Build the Future of Parking

Have you ever stood in front of a defective parking machine? Or waited in line trying to get to one? If the answer is yes, Smartrac and its partner HonkMobile have good news for you: the world’s first virtual parking meter, HonkTAP is there.


20 August 2019

Multi-layer Brand Protection Solutions at Work

Learn about how a well-known international wine & spirits brand reduced counterfeiting while gaining valuable market insights in China.


12 June 2019

Smartrac Contributes to Fraunhofer Institute’s Research

The Fraunhofer Institute for Cell Therapy and Immunology (IZI) in Leipzig, Germany, uses Smartrac’s INTRACE® SYRINGE implanting system with the smallest glass tag on the market for maximum animal protection.


15 March 2019

Sneaker Con: Making the “Greatest Sneaker Show” the Most Trusted as Well

Sneaker Con, a series of gatherings for shoe fanatics, brings hundreds of vendors and tens of thousands of people to each of its events held in the US and worldwide. Thanks to Sneaker Con’s NFC-based authentication solution developed in conjunction with Smartrac and Blue Bite, buyers and sellers of the fashionable footwear now benefit from drastically improved counterfeit protection.


14 March 2019

Mammut Takes a Brand-New Approach to Customer Experience and Supply Chain Transparency

In January 2019, Mammut became the first outdoor sports brand to use NFC with an experience-based concept behind the technology. With that concept and Smartrac's latest NFC technology, the Swiss company is providing a “Mammut world full of inspiration” to its customers and gaining higher supply chain transparency.


14 March 2019

How Pirlo Makes Cans Smart with Smartrac's On-Metal Tags

Equipping metal packages with NFC tags to digitize the products included has been a challenge – technically as well as economically. With more than a little help from Smartrac and its innovative on-metal NFC tags, Austrian metal and plastic packaging specialist Pirlo has found a solution that can and does make cans smart.


12 December 2018

NFC Transforming Any Space into a New Marketplace in Japan

Aquabit Spirals, a Tokyo-based startup company, is exclusively using Smartrac NFC tags to take offline products online, without the need for apps or online searching.