29 January 2020

Smartrac's Green Tag Program: Sustainable RFID Technology

We recognized that a growing number of customers value environmentally friendly RFID products and are very keen to use them, partly driven by the ever-growing deployment of transponders in ever broader areas of application. Our Green Tag Program, developed together with our market Partner 4E Antenna, features RFID products that live up to their sustainability promise even under strict Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) scrutiny. The program responds to that customer demand without compromising product quality or performance.


21 November 2019

Three ways to enhance the retail experience with RFID

  • Discover the unique experiences you could offer your customers using RFID technology
  • Find out how to get deeper insights into your products and optimize your supply chain
  • See how companies like Adidas are already using RFID to get ahead of their competitors


07 November 2019

Can you upgrade your bottles to better protect and engage your consumers?

While counterfeiting is on the rise – especially in high-growth, emerging markets – the consumers’ buying decisions are more and more driven by the digital world. Early adaptors in the industry have found innovative solutions to protect and engage their consumers by seamlessly upgrading their bottles.


01 July 2019

The smarter way to protect your wine and spirits brands

A totally new way for businesses to beat counterfeiters – and transform their customer experience.


23 May 2019

Future of Packaging

The Future of Packaging special report, published in The Times covers latest business trends in the packaging industry.


01 April 2019

Future of Retail

What’s the future of retail? 
Explore latest business trends in a recent report, published in The Times, and learn how NFC and RFID tags make retail and brands smart and add value for customers.


28 August 2018

How RAIN RFID Can Enhance Industry 4.0

Discover in this webinar the benefits of RAIN RFID and how this contactless technology can enhance Industry 4.0. Learn how to choose the right solutions for the right applications and how to deploy complete, end-to-end solutions. See first-hand, through a variety of use cases how other organizations have directly benefited from the enhanced flexibility, more efficient processes, and smarter manufacturing that came with using RAIN RFID. 


14 June 2018

What if everything could authenticate itself?

Instead of coming up with expensive new authentication solutions, make your products smart enough to authenticate themselves. There’s already a new way to authenticate. One that’s scalable, cost-effective and enriching to the customer experience.


27 March 2018

The Very Real Problem of Fake Products

Counterfeiting and fraud are a massive drain on the economy. Even worse, they're a massive threat to people's lives. Check the infographic, in which we detail all the ways counterfeiting costs – and hurts – everyone and get a closer look at the true cost of counterfeiting.


01 February 2018

The gap between your data and the real world

How living product data unleashes the Internet of Things for product-driven companies.