RFID-enabled smart posters join Frankfurt’s railway and tram users on their journey -- providing them with real-time insights they can use to plan their travel.


SMARTRAC and Hansaprint are helping two of Frankfurt’s transportation leaders, RMV (Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund GmbH) and VGF (Verkehrsgesellschaft Frankfurt am Main GmbH), to pilot a cutting-edge information campaign targeting area travelers.

For six months, RMV, the transportation authority for Frankfurt bus, train and U-Bahn underground service and VGF, the area’s transportation operator, will test RFID-enabled smart posters that provide users with valuable information, including real-time updates on underground train schedules.


As the two leading organizations providing public transportation services in Frankfurt, RMV and VGF are continually looking for ways to drive usage of services and help travelers reach their destinations quickly and easily. Tools such as maps and brochures offer some information, but don’t provide the updates on current travel conditions or insights into area attractions and events RFID-tagged imagery can offer.


SMARTRAC and Hansaprint have partnered to develop an RFID-enabled smart poster campaign for RMV and VGF. The solution is comprised of weatherproof “Info-Moduls” – colorful, informative posters powered by RFID NFC tags and affixed to train and tram interiors. The smart posters are created using the partners’ TagAge service, which enables customers to design and purchase high quality NFC-integrated print products online.



  • The pilot communications campaign is being deployed in the U1, U2, U3, U4 and U5 lines of the U-Bahn and on Ebbelwei Express sightseeing trams.
  • U-Bahn users wave an NFC-enabled mobile phone near the InfoModul or scan a QR barcode on the smart poster to access mobile websites for RMV, VGF and the city of Frankfurt; receive real-time information on schedules and connections; and obtain information on special events and points of interest. Holders of the RMV Erlebnis Adventure card also receive marketing offers.
  • On the Ebbelwei Express, the smart posters enrich the journey, providing sightseers with photos and descriptions of Frankfurt’s prominent attractions.