In-process training through NFC tags

Reduce manufacturing, maintenance and repair errors with smarter products and parts.


Research done by the aircraft industry has shown ‘human factors’ tend to be the biggest cause of issues[1]. In fact, human error can account for up to 80% of manufacturing mistakes[2]. That’s a huge amount of potentially avoidable issues. And it’s clear that improving the quality of instructions available to workers is a smart way to address them.


The opportunity for OEMs and part manufacturers is to help customers reduce these errors by offering their workers a better approach to training, delivering step-by-step instructions that show exactly how products and parts need to be used.


The fewer mistakes made using your products, the better. The more value you deliver to the customers of your parts and products, the better.


Turn your products into contextual training platforms.
So how do you improve worker training? Well, instead of training workers in a context that’s completely separated from their work context – through classes or instruction manuals – training could happen in-process. Here’s how.


You start by embedding NFC tags in your parts and products. This way, when a worker reaches the point in the process where they need to use your part or product, they can tap on it to

- Authenticate the part and verify it’s applicable.
- Register the start of the product’s life time period to start a pre-scheduled replacement timer.
- Receive step-by-step instructions on what to do with it.

The instructions appear on their smartphone, so the worker can stay focused on their task and follow best practice installation and use instructions.


They get relevant, immediate training when they need it. And you ensure there’s deeper, crucial value embedded right into your products.


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