Innovation That’s More Than Skin Deep: idion’s Wearable ID, Security and Experience Solution

What do concert promoters, event organizers, hotel operators and museum directors have in common? They all want to stand out from their competition and provide their guests or customers with the ultimate experience. Hence, they all can benefit from idion disc™, a skin-adherent, biocompatible device with a built-in NFC inlay from Smartrac.


Image © Darren Geraghty

Developed by idion LLC, a leader in skin-applied wearables, in partnership with Smartrac, idion disc™ (ID) is a thin, hypoallergenic, water/dirt resistant, non-hackable, flexible, skin-adherent, highly biocompatible device with a built-in NFC inlay. When applied to the skin, it is essentially imperceptible when worn and links the wearer to a universe of identity-specific content and data that can be accessed with a smartphone. In doing so, the ID boosts attendee and guest experiences, increasing engagement and hence sponsorship and partnership revenue. Unlike standard event technologies, the ID does not require a wristband, necklace or another wearable accessory.


Passing the Test


The innovative device passed its litmus test with flying colors at this year's iHeartRadio’s “Wango Tango by AT&T” concert in Los Angeles (Saturday, 2 June 2018), where it saw its first large-scale rollout. Since then, ID has proven its worth during several events, among them the three-day festival held on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of WIRED magazine.


At the Wango Tango festival village pre-concert event 2018, attendees wore idion discs, using them to access and interact with exclusive event-related content and to register for a chance to win floor seats to the Wango Tango by AT&T concert later that day.


Readable through standard iOS and Android smartphones or industry-standard NFC readers, the ID usess a Smartrac Circus NFC inlay and the Smart Cosmo Experiences solution, powered by Smartrac’s solution partner Blue Bite. Experiences enables brands, venues and sponsors to design unique, identity-specific experiences and experiential marketing campaigns for their attendees and guests. These can include seamless and secure credentialing, frictionless payment solutions and the collection of voluntary attendee information and engagement patterns.


Combining Cutting-edge Technologies to Maximize Attendee Experience


“Our skin-applied technology is a novel wearable solution which makes possible attendee and brand engagement strategies that are not available with a traditional wristband, medallion or another standard RFID solution. The feedback from attendees, venues and sponsors has been overwhelming positive.” said Michael Gilvary, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of idion.


“We’re very excited to be an integral part of idion’s high-performance offerings that deliver awesome experiences to wearers and quantifiable benefits to issuers and sponsors. Powered by Smartrac’s innovative NFC products and our IoT solutions suite Smart Cosmos, the idion disc provides creative and thrilling experiences that take real-time customer engagement and intimacy to a whole new level for the event, hospitality and recreation markets. Together with our solution partner Blue Bite, we are well positioned and poised to support idion with their upcoming large-scale rollouts, as well as their rapid expansion into other markets,” said Amir Mobayen, Chief Revenue Officer and Member of the Management Board at Smartrac.


About idion:


idion was founded in 2014 and is based in New York, with offices in Durham, NC as well. idion’s skin-applied technology was originally designed for healthcare applications and is FDA compliant, water & dirt resistant and hypoallergenic. The company markets its technology under the Patient ID Shield™ brand to healthcare providers as a care management and patient identification platform.