Mexican exclusive retailer Common People makes shopping and sales into modern luxury with RFID technology.


A showcase concept store for Mexico City’s best art and design, Common People, has a unique retail environment comprising a wide array of different departments operated by individual micro-retailers selling leading brand’s limited-edition goods. Could RFID technology make the shopping and sales even more luxury by offering interactive sales tools to achieve more cross-sell and up-sell, while providing the store owners and micro-retailers with rich insights into customer behavior and preferences?


Common People’s exclusive store sells carefully curated luxury goods from 40 leading brands such as Prada and Dior, as well as selected national designers. There are plenty of small departments operated by individual micro-retailers selling unique limited-edition goods in an intimate retail environment in the store.


The RFID solution was designed and integrated by Digilogics and it includes two RFID printers from Zebra Technologies Corporation, a hand-held RFID reader and two RFID-enabled point-of-sale stations from Convergence Systems Limited, inventory management software from EnaSys, LLC, and interactive sales tools like a smart display and fitting room from 5Stat. All goods were tagged with SMARTRAC UHF tags, including ShortDipole™, Trap™ and Web™. The smart fitting rooms have interactive mirrors and touchscreens to provide product information, possibility to take pictures and e-mail them to others for shopping advice, browse complementary items and request additional products.


The item-level solution streamlines inventory taking, goods restocking and checkout processes. It also enables personalized shopping experience, supports decision making and superior service to the store’s customers. The system offers opportunities to constantly optimize the store owner’s and micro-retailers’ purchasing and merchandising strategies. Ultimately, the retail RFID solution results in higher product sales and lasting customer loyalty. With RFID your retailing will transform into modern interaction!