INTRACE SYRINGE Simplifies Animal ID Implantation

SMARTRAC has extended its Animal ID product portfolio with an inexpensive, complete solution for implanting ID tags.


SMARTRAC INTRACE SYRINGE offers an inexpensive solution for electronic animal identification in application areas such as tagging pets, fish, birds, reptiles, horses and zoo or laboratory animals.


The ergonomic syringe design, together with the narrow-gauge, high-precision cannula, guarantees a fast and low-stress application that benefits the animal. INTRACE SYRINGE is created for single use, so the cannula and the syringe body can be easily separated for convenient disposable and recycling if required.


The system is available with three different sizes of SMARTRAC GLASS TAG transponder, which are made from biocompatible glass and manufactured in Germany to exacting standards on fully automated machines. The outstanding quality of these tags can be further enhanced by the optional addition of a parylene coating -- a feature that stabilizes the position of the tag under the animal’s skin. The syringe body is EU-sourced and the syringe itself is assembled in the EU, guaranteeing a superior product that is still competitively priced.


Each package is sterilized and sealed and offers customized labeling; the enclosed barcode labels support simple handling during registration. The product is contained in a pouch for convenient disposal. Also included are six barcode labels, which feature an area for customization or customer branding. The tags themselves can be pre-programmed with a SMARTRAC Manufacturer Code; the customer’s manufacturer or country code; and consecutive ID numbers.


There is also a sterilization indicator that guarantees the integrity of the packaging. Sterilization is achieved using Ethylene Oxide. In compliance with international ISO standards 11784/11785, INTRACE complements the already comprehensive product offering within SMARTRAC’s Animal ID portfolio.


For further information about SMARTRAC's INTRACE SYRINGE, please contact our sales and customer service team.