It’s Up to You: Brand Protection Made Real and Easy

Globally, the cost of counterfeit and pirated goods represents some $1.5 trillion per year, and is rising rapidly. To make your company and your customers safe, you should act now. With SMARTRAC’s NFC tags and SMART COSMOS, you can easily create your own application and make branded product authentication simple.


Counterfeit and pirated goods are a problem not only for luxury branded products like bags or watches. They are also a threat to manufacturers of automotive or industrial components. To support the fight against piracy, SMARTRAC is now offering an optional feature of its EXPERIENCES solution that effectively deters counterfeiters. Main solution components are:


  • Specifically encoded NFC tags based on NXP chips, which carry a URL in the standardized NDEF format and password-protected memory pages with an embedded, shared secret code (HMAC).
  • An NFC-enabled mobile device (most smartphones now support NFC).
  • An Android Software Development Kit (SDK) that enables apps to verify authenticity.
  • SMARTRAC’s IoT platform SMART COSMOS and its core services PROFILES and OBJECTS.


The SMART COSMOS core service components store the Tag ID, secure memory password, and a full copy of the shared secret code; handle metadata for the tagged product; and provide content to build up customer loyalty. To ensure secure authentication, the NFC tags have to be embedded into the branded product so that they cannot be removed and attached to a counterfeit item.


Tap to Authenticate

Resellers and customers can then easily check the authenticity of the product by simply opening the app and tapping the smartphone on the product. Through SMARTRAC’s authentication SDK, the app automatically checks the IC’s signature as well as the shared secret code, and then authenticates both the tag and product. The authentication is carried out using a cryptographically secure method based on proven Internet standards.

Build Your Own Demonstrator

That may sound complex, but it is definitely not – at least for brand owners and their resellers and customers. Under, SMARTRAC provides a step-by-step guide to creating a live demonstrator of branded product authentication. The only prerequisites are an NFC-enabled Android device and some pre-programmed NFC tags. The tags are available as part of SMARTRAC’s ultimate “Stop Fakes” starter kit, which can be ordered free of charge using the contact form on SMARTRAC’s corporate website.


Once the starter kit and the smartphone are at hand, creating the demonstrator takes just a few minutes. To make things even better, the authentication feature can easily be integrated into existing brand apps using the SMART COSMOS Java SDK for Android.