Touch Automation’s RFID system provides consumers with an easy means to rent or purchase CDs and DVDs.


Touch Automation has developed numerous automated dispensing solutions for the rental or sale of movies, video games and related entertainment items in DVD and CD format.


Touch Automation was looking for a way to enhance consumer processes, cut down on shrinkage and reduce the threat of theft.



  • Touch Automation uses BullsEye™ RFID tag to streamline critical inventory management processes.
  • Each BullsEye™ tag is encoded with CD and DVD stock-keeping unit (SKU) information and other metadata. No personal consumer data is written to the tags.
  • The tags are prepared generically so that RFID-tagged merchandise can be shipped to any system located within retailers’ enterprises.



  • Using SMARTRAC’s sophisticated RFID technology, Touch Automation is gaining near real-time insights into the availability and financial performance of every single one of its systems.
  • As well as streamlining inventory processes, the tags on products mean retailers can gain higher revenue per system by monitoring rentals and purchases.
  • The option to return DVDs to any self-service system is more convenient for customers too.
  • The RFID tags also help authenticate goods while reducing theft and losses.