Remote keyless entry systems permit or deny access to cars from afar by simply pressing a button on the motor vehicle key and thereby substituting the need to mechanically unlock the vehicle by plugging the car key into the door lock. Remote keyless entry systems have been available on the market for more than twenty years now.


Passive keyless entry systems, also referred to as “passive entry” or “keyless go”, take user convenience to the next level by even substituting the need to press a button in order to unlock and open the car. The driver is immediately recognised as soon as he approaches the vehicle and the matching RFID transponder which is integrated into the car key or a security token resides in the range of the car.

Opening and closing of the doors is enabled by simply touching the handgrip. Stop and start of the engine is equally enabled without having to plug in a key by pressing a start / stop button. Lost keys inside the vehicle loose their terrifying effect as the car electronic automatically recognizes the position of the car key or security tag with high accuracy. Part of a reliable and acknowledged anti-theft system, RFID-based passive keyless entry systems do also meet highest security and insurance requirements.


As a trusted partner for the automotive industry, we offer advanced RFID components to add security and user convenience to motor vehicles. Our keyless entry systems combine low power consumption, easy integration, fast processing, and data communication with highest reliability and sophisticated security mechanisms such as mutual authentication and encryption or true random number generation.