RFID has helped Assistor drive forward with a new plan for handling vehicle logistics on a vast scale.


Assistor, Scandinavia’s leading vehicle logistics provider, delivers some 370,000 automobiles each year to Finland, the Baltic countries and Russia.


Locating and processing so many cars was a major challenge, especially when weather conditions turned severe.


  • SMARTRAC supplied RFID tags for use in a real-time vehicle logistics management solution.
  • Vehicles are equipped with DogBone™ RFID tags as they are unloaded from ships, and an exact warehouse location is assigned to each vehicle so that they are easily located with hand-held RFID readers.
  • Each RFID tag carries information about all actions related to a vehicle during production and storage.


RFID technology reduced the time and cost taken to identify vehicles. Maximum use of real-time data from Assistor’s processes delivers competitive advantage.