RFID - DYNE use case

Longer-lived Customer Engagement for Brands and Retailers

CIRCUS DURA wash-and-wear tags offer clothing and footwear brands and retailers an even more comprehensive consumer engagement opportunity. Visibility and interactivity can now extend well beyond point of sale in the product’s lifecycle.


SMARTRAC’s CIRCUS DURA Near Field Communication (NFC) tags offer brands and retailers the possibility to now interact with their consumers deep into the product lifecycle. One great example of an innovative apparel brand using the tags is DYNE.


The new and innovative NFC tags have a robust structure that offers enhanced environmental resistance, which makes them ideally suited to wash-and-wear applications in the consumer arena.


CIRCUS DURA tags pave the way for long-term consumer interaction solutions featuring higher consumer engagement and loyalty opportunities for brands and retailers. CIRCUS DURA can be used to add digital value to products, and bridge offline products to the digital world based on SMARTRAC’s Smart Cosmos solutions.

How it works: NFC tag is embedded in the fabric. Take your NFC-enabled device, tap it and get personalized content.


Robust Structure for Enhanced Experiences


CIRCUS DURA is a recent member of SMARTRAC’s highly successful CIRCUS product family. For several years, CIRCUS HF and NFC tags and inlays have been providing superior readability and performance for applications such as item-level tagging and product authentication in retail, pharmaceutical and brand protection, loyalty and gaming. For use in the HF frequency band, CIRCUS tags and inlays are available with NXP’s ICODE SLIX ICs while the NFC versions are powered by NXP’s NTAG 213 chip family.


Retaining its siblings’ tiny diameter, cost-effectiveness and best-in-class performance for item-level product authentication, brand protection, and other potential applications, CIRCUS DURA tags distinguish themselves by a thicker inlay structure and a newly developed packaging. Both features result in the product’s near-indestructibility and ability to withstand the harshest of environments which is the prerequisite for use-cases that include “wash-and-wear” scenarios.


CIRCUS DURA comes with the NXP NTAG 213 IC on board, offering (UID) mirror functionality. This enables the IC’s serial number to be mirrored as part of its encoded data, and identifies unique reads from the application perspective.


Ultra-Resistant Technology


To offer enhanced resistance to the everyday wear and tear experienced by consumer clothing and footwear, the tag’s antenna features improved bending resistance achieved by the selection and combination of special materials.

Environmental resistance has been further improved through the use of a specifically developed laminate structure, and the tag is enclosed in thick polymer layers. The tag still remains flexible, with a total thickness of 0.5mm.

This ultra-robust tag structure has passed a number of important tests, to ensure it can survive multiple domestic washing and drying cycles. The inlay’s resistance in heat-sealing processes has also been successfully tested, making it ideally suited for use with heat-sealable patches or badges.

SMARTRAC’s inlays and tags are compliant with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management and ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management. This ensures a reliable and state-of-the-art product that meets a variety of application needs, where high performance is a critical parameter.

Turn Your Products into Platforms for Customer Experience Innovation

In conjunction with the Smart Cosmos Experiences solution, consumers can be engaged continually via their NFC-enabled smartphones, deep into the lifecycle of the branded product.

Global sportswear brands, for example Spyder, are already exploring the use of SMARTRAC’s Experiences solution to enhance their customer's experience with embedded NFC tags. Consumers can instantly engage and interact with real-time and dynamic content such as social media feeds; videos; events; athletes; teams; and brand promotions on an ongoing basis.

The Experiences solution is further enhanced by the inclusion of contextual and location-based information such as weather conditions, (trail) maps and points of interest, personalizing the user experience and continuing the customer journey past the point of purchase.


For further information about SMARTRAC’s CIRCUS DURA Near Field Communication (NFC) tags, please contact our sales and customer service team.