Grow your loyalty sign-ups with NFC tags

Give your customers a smarter way to join your loyalty program.


Your loyalty program is the foundation for customer retention. But for most brands, sign-up rates are usually woeful.


That’s because most brands rely on outdated paper forms (that need to be mailed) or web pages (that are completely divorced from the context of your products) to get customers to sign up.


That’s a problem – your loyalty programs are the basis for longer, more valuable customer relationships. So if you’re going to get people to sign up, you need to ask them at the exact moments when they’d be most excited to.


And you need to make it incredibly easy to join.


NFC tags turn your products into loyalty platforms.

The moment your customers buy your products is the moment they’re most excited about your brand. So one of the most effective ways to increase the number of customers signing up for your loyalty programs is by tapping into this moment.


By embedding NFC tags in your products, you give your customers the ability to interact with your products when they tap on them with their phones. You turn them into customer experience platforms.


Now when they’ve bought your product, all they have to do is tap on it to gain instant access to content from your brand. At this point, if you ask them to sign up for your program, they’re significantly likelier to say yes. And you know exactly what individual product they did tap on to sign-up.


It’s easy, it’s smart and it’s happening at the exact moment they’re most excited about your product. You’re harnessing their excitement; not detracting from it with unwieldy forms and dull paperwork.


That’s how you get more people to sign up for your program. And you can start offering exiting new digital services based on linking the product’s ID with the customer’s identity. E.g. a virtual wardrobe if you operate in the apparel and fashion industry.


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