Millions of Reasons to Sleep Calmer During Hotel Stays

PLI, the world's largest manufacturer of hotel keycards, has signed a large-scale supply agreement with SMARTRAC, featuring NXP MIFARE® ICs. This means many benefits to the respective companies and their product and service offer – and one major benefit to hotel customers: a quantum leap in door lock security.


From June 2016, SMARTRAC will start delivering tens of millions of RFID products to PLI (Plasticard-Locktech International) for use over the next several years, making the agreement one of the biggest in SMARTRAC’s history. The scope of supply includes genuine, secure PRELAM® inlays for contactless access cards, wearables, gift and loyalty cards.


SMARTRAC’s products feature MIFARE® chips from NXP plus its proprietary state-of-the-art antenna technology, enabling the highest levels of security, reliability and interoperability. Hotels using PLI’s keycards will obtain a gapless proof of authenticity and origin for their contactless cards and products. Hence, they benefit from a new level of credential security and reliability while avoiding the risk of infringing SMARTRAC's Intellectual Property rights. Hotel guests, ultimately, will benefit from high safety standard in door lock security and all its positive impact.

Landmark Deal in the Hospitality, Leisure & Entertainment Market

According to Thomas Hitzer, EVP Secure ID & Transactions Business Division at SMARTRAC, the agreement means a breakthrough in the global Hospitality, Leisure and Entertainment market: “We are very pleased to have PLI as our customer, and the agreement is a very important landmark deal for us in this competitive sector. This product solution will be a unique starting point to offer enhanced door lock applications with high security and extended services that hotel operators and customers can strongly benefit from in the future.”


Ulrich Huewels, SVP and General Manager Secure Identification Solutions, NXP, fully supports that notion: “This strategic partnership supports the global hospitality industry in its ongoing transition to secure, contactless smart card technology. Through the collaboration of the leading players along the supply chain, we can offer a combination of technology, operational and service excellence – serving both operators’ and guests’ needs in a unique way. MIFARE ICs provide a high security level and allow mobile integration for additional customer convenience.”


“The Highest Quality, Fully Licensed PRELAMs in the Industry”

It is no surprise that Peter Krauss, CEO of PLI, views the deal from a slightly different, yet complementary perspective: “PLI has built a 28-year reputation of offering the highest quality products and services to our more than 50,000 customers worldwide. We pride ourselves on working with best-in-class organizations while striving to be one ourselves. This partnership with SMARTRAC and NXP brings the three top companies together to provide the best possible solutions to our mutual customers. Using licensed SMARTRAC PRELAMs featuring authentic NXP ICs, enables us to offer the highest quality product at the most competitive price in the market.”

Genuine Products Guarantee Security and Enhanced Customer Experience


NXP MIFARE ICs and SMARTRAC PRELAM inlays are fully compliant with EAL4+ Common Criteria and ISO International Standards, which have to be considered as prerequisites for interoperable products. Great customer convenience with vastly increased door lock security, minimum drop-out rates, and ensuring legal permission with respect to Intellectual Property Rights are just some of the many important product advantages arising from the use of SMARTRAC’s PRELAM inlays and the NXP MIFARE chip family.


Besides a higher level of security and reliability, hotel and brand owners also benefit from considerably enhancing their customers’ satisfaction and convenience. A secure, contactless infrastructure allows card usage for multiple applications. Just one single card can now be used to open doors, make payments, earn loyalty points or rent a bike.


Increasing Customer Satisfaction and Convenience

Furthermore, NFC cards, smartphones and wearables can all be processed by infrastructure devices such as locks, in the same way. This will facilitate the co-existence of different form factors and makes the integration of a loyalty card or a mobile device much simpler. Wristbands and smartphone apps can be easily configured for partner services, e.g. for discounts at local restaurants, amusement parks, sport facilities and other attractions. This means that solution providers and hotel operators can focus on their main objective – increasing customer satisfaction and convenience.


For further information about high-quality, secure PRELAM inlays and their potential applications, please contact our sales and customer service team.