21 September 2017

The Internet of Your Things: What if...?

Utilizing the Internet of Things really starts with a very simple question. Check out what you can already do today to digitize your products with innovative solutions.


21 September 2017

New Low-Cost Inlay Could Make NFC a Mass-Marketing Tool

CIRCUS NFC inlays offer small size and high performance for applications such as stickers, flyers, key fobs, playing cards and item-level tagging, without the graphic design constraints of barcodes or QR codes.


19 September 2017

Product Digitization: Explained

Product digitization turns your physical products into digital customer experience platforms to create competitive difference, drive engagement, boost loyalty, and increase sales.


13 September 2017

Product Digitization: Proving Value of Branded Refills

If you manufacture refill consumables and the machines that use them, you deliver most value when consumers use your branded refills. Product digitization is how you prove it.


08 September 2017

Product Digitization – the Automotive Supply Chain’s Next Big Opportunity?

It’s easy to focus on exciting new automotive innovations. But a change to existing products could be the big ticket to digitizing operations, boosting efficiencies, and offering amazing new customer experiences.


29 August 2017

Product Digitization: Connecting the Products that Can’t Be Seen

Most physical products are digitally invisible. Give them a digital identity using NFC technology and you transform the customer experience, get real-world insight to digital systems and create serious competitive difference.


21 August 2017

Finding the Platform in your Physical Products

HBR recently published a paper on how businesses can turn their products and services into platforms. But how do you practically turn your physical products into platforms?


28 July 2017

Marketing Myopia and Product Digitization

“Once any industry genuinely thinks of its business as taking care of people’s needs, nothing can stop it from creating its own extravagantly profitable growth”.


07 July 2017

The Offline Black Hole: The Customer Experience you Can’t See

When you sell physical products, there are blind spots where it matters most: point-of-sale and post-sale. This offline black hole blinkers your understanding and limits the consumer experience you can deliver. The solution is living products that move seamlessly through the offline world.


03 July 2017

Why Product-driven Digitization Wins

Digitization is undeniably the future, but how can brands selling physical products capitalise? By embedding NFC technology directly into those products, bridging the online-offline gap so you can better understand and serve the consumer.