NFC at the Museum of London

Museum of London utilized NFC technology to engage and excite museum visitors in a new and interactive way.


Working with Nokia and Bolser, Museum of London introduced NFC to both museum venues, and with an increasing number of NFC phones in the UK, were excited to be among the first public organisations to use tomorrow’s technology today.


How to make a new technology available, understandable and approachable and aid the visitors’ interaction with their own devices in the museum?


Using Nokia´s NFC hub system allowed flexible and creative ideas and propositions. The flexible URL system allows NFC tags to be programmed to any URL, as well as "like" and "follow" the museum various social media platforms.

NFC Tag Used: BullsEye™ NFC, NXP Mifare Ultralight


The tags were also used a vehicle to promote the museum's social network, and to offer dedicated apps for download and vouchers for the museum's shops and cafés.