Fujifilm UK launches an NFC-based solution to pair mobile phones during Bluetooth connection at its SmartPix photo kiosks


Fujifilm UK has trialed the Tap N Print NFC solution on approximately 150 Fujifilm SmartPix kiosks at 22 selected supermarkets, retail outlets, pharmacies and camera shops in the UK. Fujifilm teamed up with UK-based Near Field Solutions to create an application enabling consumers to transfer images from their NFC-enabled phone for printing or ordering photos or other photographic products at SmartPix photo kiosks.


There are altogether more than 3,500 Fujifilm kiosks installed at various stores in the UK where mobile phone users have to pair their phone separately for each photo transfer. If they want to send multiple photos simultaneously or use another photo kiosk, user must again pair their phone and then send each photo individually. The process is complicated and time-consuming; consumers often do not use photo kiosks to print mobile phone images.



  • Fujifilm and Near Field Solutions developed an application, Fujifilm Tap N Print which can be downloaded from an app market or Fujifilm UK’s Tap N Print website. The Tap N Print logo is printed on a label to be attached to the edge of the kiosk's screen.
  • SMARTRAC BullsEye™ NFC tag is embedded beneath the logo, and when user taps the logo with his NFC-enabled phone, it captures the tag's ID number, enabling the automatic Bluetooth pairing between the kiosk and phone.
  • The user simply selects pictures to print or incorporate into other products. The phone sends the photos via Bluetooth connection.




  • NFC inlays enable convenient and instant Bluetooth pairing with any electronic device using Bluetooth transfer protocol. In SmartPix kiosks’ case, the pairing takes less than a second.

Fujifilm is hoping to upgrade further kiosks within Europe in the near future.