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NFC Inlays & Tags

NFC 13.56 MHz ISO and NFC Forum compliant RFID technology is a proven, globally accepted solution for a vast array of markets. The technology is a perfect fit for various NFC applications, such as embedded NFC inlays in posters, signs, menus, labels and business cards which immediately launch mobile phone applications or connect the user to social media websites.

NFC inlays can carry significantly more data than bar codes, URLs or QR codes, are more secure and can be password protected, unlike their printed counterparts. Embedded NFC inlays can provide more information for example about individual products, consumer endorsements, user manuals, sustainability and recycling and brand values.

Typical end-use areas:

  • Retail Environment
  • Entertainment & Social Media
  • Games & Toys
  • Location & Services
  • Media, Advertising & Promotions
  • Business Cards & Calendars
  • Loyalty Apps
  • Electronics Pairing
  • Product Authentication
  • Ticketing, Access Control & Payment

Please take a look at our NFC overview that shows a selection of our high runner products with great availability and performance. We offer much more products with different designs and IC platforms. Please feel free to contact our sales representative in your region, if you don’t find the product you are looking for.

SMARTRAC is a member of the NFC Forum.

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